7 Reasons Why You Need Great Content For Your Painting Blog

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7 Reasons Why You Need Great Content For Your Painting Blog

Marketing that is centered around content costs about 62% less than traditional marketing,

and it can bring you triple the leads.

On top of that, 82% of customers have a better view of a company after reading custom content written by that company.

Here are 7 reasons why you need great content for your painting blog:

1. Great Content Gives Your SEO A Very Strong Boost

There are many things that contribute to your having good search rankings, and good content on your painting blog is one of the BEST.

The short form content that some blogs really rely on doing is no longer as popular with search engines, which now prefer longer content (at least 600 words.)

If you want to have longer blogs that will do well for your search rankings, you have to write better content.

2. Great Content Keeps Your Future Clients Reading

Another reason that you need to have great content is that you want to encourage your readers to read through to the end.

You might already know that longer is now better when it comes to search rankings, but if people aren’t reading through, you will be punished.

This is because when search engines see people find your site and then leave after a few seconds, it tells them to push your site down.

Here is a video tutorial about bounce rate in Google Analytics:

3. Your Website Looks Better When You Have Great Content

Having great content on your painting blog is a way that you can make your website overall look better.

The reason that this is the case is that it’s pretty clear even at a glance when you have good content versus nonsense that’s put up on a blog as filler.

Any blog that is well written is also going to have good pictures to go along with it, which will attract the eyes of your readers.

Google will categorize anything that has poorly written or unoriginal content as being ‘thin’ and will push the site down in the results.

4. Your Services As A Painter Are Clear

As a painter, you’re going to want to make it clear to people who visit your site what you do and do not do.

One good way to get you to be able to give people this information is through your blog — and the better you write your blog, the more clear it is to your readers.

They won’t have to wonder if you paint kitchen cabinets, for example, if you write a really well written blog about the different kitchen cabinet services that you provide.

5. It Gains The Trust Of Your Readers

One thing you should always work on is the trust that you have with your readers.

By writing great content on your painting blog regularly, you can develop a better relationship with these readers, as they look forward to reading what you have to write.

This is because you’re going to show off to your readers that you know what you’re talking about when you write good content.

6. Great Content Lets You Share Something On Social Media

As a painting company, you definitely need to have a social media presence in 2021 — and it’s good to post regularly.

By having great content on your painting blog, you’re always going to have something new that you can post on social media.

Since it’s so important to post to your social media pages, regularly updating your blog with new well written content will help you to have something good to post.

7. Keeps You Current In The Painting Industry

Lastly, just by having a blog and updating it regularly with great content you are keeping on top of new trends in painting.

You have to do a good deal of research when you write a painter’s blog and in doing so you will find out new trends in painting and home design.

This is tremendously useful as finding out about paint colors that are more popular and the like gives you new things to offer to your clients.

Quick Review

1. Since it’s a good idea to have better SEO, having great content gives your SEO a strong boost.

2. When you have great content, it keeps your future clients reading and coming back for more.

3. Your website looks better when you have great content, leading to more people coming to your site and eventually more service sales.

4. Speaking of services, your services as a painter are more clear when you write great content for your blog.

5. Having great content gains the trust of your readers, which is something you need if you hope to possibly have them as future clients.

6. Since it’s always a good idea to regularly post on social media, having great content will allow you to have something fresh to share on it

7. It’s important that you stay current in the painting industry with new trends and the like and writing great content will require you to know this.