Painting Contractors: 5 Proven Marketing Emails You Need To Send Out

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Hey painting contractors,

Are you sending e-mails but they’re just not getting any response?

Or maybe they’re not even getting opened?

We’ve gathered 5 marketing emails that are tested and are proven to work well for getting some kind of response from your audience and helping them engage!

Here are 5 Proven Marketing Emails You Need To Send Out

1. Ask A Yes Or No Question

One way to get a good response from your email list is to ask questions in your email — you can really get your customers thinking!

The best kind of question, in this case, is one that requires a yes or no answer, just to keep it simple.

It actually doesn’t matter too much what you are asking, just so long as you are periodically asking a question.

It has been shown that when you send emails with a question and you get responses, your emails will get better placement even for people who didn’t respond.

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2. Test Emails For People Who Seem Unresponsive

When you have a large enough email list, you’re going to have a number of people who signed up just for a perk you may have offered for signing up.

The more people not opening your emails, the worse your opening rate will be.

It’s good to keep your opening rate at least higher than the average open rate for the industry, about 18-22%.

You should periodically check your open rate for your list and specifically look at people who haven’t opened an email from you in a certain number of days.

The kind of email you will then send to these people will say something along the lines of “Hey, Are You Still There?”

You will include in the body of that email a link that basically says yes, I want to stay subscribed.

If they don’t click on that link, you will know that they aren’t interested in staying on your list and can be removed.

Removing these kinds of subscribers will improve your opening rate.

3. Offers For The Holidays Or Otherwise

When your customers get offers, perhaps a sale on a certain service that you offer, you will get a bump in sales.

You can even put a countdown timer in the body of the email so that you give people a sense of urgency.

The holiday in question doesn’t have to be just the ones in December – you can send special offers for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and more.

Even if people don’t ultimately sign up for your services, just having more people open your email is good.

4. Annual Surveys

Once a year, you’re going to want to send a survey to your whole email list to find out their thoughts on your business.

Questions you will want to ask in these surveys will be along the lines of what people enjoy about your emails and what they want to see more.

You can even ask them more in depth questions that try to get to know them better like, “If you no longer received these emails, how would you feel?”

5. Resend Emails To Those Who Didn’t Open Within A Certain Time

It’s possible to see everyone who has and hasn’t opened your email after a day or two, and that might be the best time to take action.

When you send the emails the second time around to the people who didn’t open the first email, you’ll want to change the subject line.

You might even want to change some of the content of your email.

By doing this you will see a good amount of people opening your email that didn’t open the first one.

Of course, if those emails are also not opened the people may be the kind that will eventually get the test email mentioned above.

Here’s a video tutorial on re-sending emails to Unopens using MailChimp:


Quick Recap

1. Get better placement in your client’s inboxes by occasionally asking a yes or no question.

2. To make sure that you have a good email list that has engaged subscribers, periodically send test emails for people who seem unresponsive.

3. See an increase in sales by sending offers for the holidays.

4. Find out how you can do better with your emails by sending an annual survey that asks your list for their opinion.

5. To boost your open rate in the long run, resend emails to those who didn’t open in the first 48-72 hours.