Win Your Customers Back With a Cart-Abandonment Email Sequence

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Win Your Customers Back With a Cart-Abandonment Email Sequence

If you’re among the eCommerce or “online selling” community, then it is vital for you to know this:

67% of users will add items to their cart… and then abandon it.”

…but what can you do when this happens??

Win them back!

In order to do this, the first thing you need is their email address.

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To obtain this, make the “email” field the first field on the checkout page, that way you at least have a way to contact them if they do end up abandoning their shopping cart.

From there you are then able to put them through a “Cart Abandonment Email Sequence.”

This is a set of 4-7 email campaigns.

Each of these emails should have a compelling subject line.

Here are a few examples…

  • You left your cart, come complete your order before supplies run out!
  • We’re almost out!
  • Come get your ____ now before their all gone!
  • Last chance before we run out!
  • etc…

In each email provide a link back to their cart; of course, if they do end up completing the order you would not continue the email sequence.

But how can you prevent users from leaving in the first place?

  • Exit Intent Offer – This is a pop-up that opens when they’re mouse pointer goes off of the page (meaning they are about to leave the page) Is there something you can offer them to keep them from leaving without clicking on anything?
  • Retargeting – You can actually pixel your audience and basically follow them around on the web, showing them advertisements relevant to anything they viewed on your site.

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