5 Facebook Advertising Tips for Better ROI

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5 Facebook Advertising Tips for Better ROI

The average cost of a Facebook ad click is about $1.72, so it’d be wise to have a strategy versus hoping for the best.

Here are 5 Facebook advertising tips for better ROI:

1. Take Advantage Of The Different Facebook Ad Types

When Facebook advertising first came out, there was basically only one kind of ad that you could run, which was the small kind you see on the side of the page.

Now there are a number of different kinds of ads that you can run on Facebook, each of which serves a different need.

Dynamic ads, for example, will find the right audience based on your product or service categories, and advertise to them.

It can also promote your services to people who have already visited your web site in the past.

Collection or Carousel ads, on the other hand, can take a number of your services and offer them up to view.

This can work really well if someone is looking at Facebook on their phone (most people do!) and they can quickly see what you can offer.

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2. Make Use Of A Designated Landing Page

When someone clicks on your ad, they’re going to have certain thoughts on what they will see after clicking.

If they click on your ad and they see your web site’s home page, will that be enough to sell them on your services?

The better thing to do is to make a special landing page that is made for them, having come by a Facebook ad.

If your ad is for one of your particular services, your landing page can be all about how well you do that particular service.

You can even make the page better with photos of past clients for whom you did that service.

Here’s a tutorial on  making a good landing page from your Facebook ad.

3. Target The Right Audience

When you’re making an ad, you should think about the people you want to not only see but eventually click on it.

When you are first making your ad, you will be able to choose the demographics of the audience.

This makes a lot of sense, since if you are a painting contractor operating out of Austin, Texas, you don’t want people in Alaska to see your ad.

You also don’t want an eighteen year old to see your ad since the chance they will be having their kitchen cabinets repainted is a lot lower than a thirty-five year old.

Carefully choose an audience that is like the people that have used your services in the past and who you want as your customers in the future.

4. Make Good Use Of Images

Statistically speaking, the use of images in ads accounts for anywhere from 75-90% of the efficiency of your ad.

That said, you’re not going to want to just put any image in the ad for your service — the more relatable, the better.

If you show photos of a recently done paint job, for example, you’re likely going to get a better chance of clicks than just an image of your logo.

Here’s a tutorial on choosing good images for your Facebook ads.

5. Use Retargeting To Get Back Possible Customers

Retargeting means advertising to someone who has already been to your web site.

It could be they clicked on one of your other ads and then just decided they weren’t interested.

It’s also possible they found your web site through a search and then for whatever reason left.

Either way, when you have certain code on your site (consult the person who runs your web site) you can tell they were there and run special ads for them.

Here is an ad that was recently on Facebook from the Walt Disney World Magazine — notice that they knew that I had been to the site.

Notice the ad doesn’t even use a lot of words — it knows that we were looking at their site so all it asks is if I forgot something.

Consider what you had on the page that the person looked at before clicking away and think about how you want to get back that possible customer.

Quick Recap:

1. Take advantage of the different Facebook ad types so you can appeal to possible customers in a number of ways.

2. To ensure that the people who are clicking on your ads don’t immediately click away, make use of a designated landing page that keeps viewers engaged and possibly interested in requesting an estimate.

3. Since your services aren’t relevant to everyone on Facebook, target the right audience and make sure only people likely to use your services will see your ad.

4. Facebook is all about visuals — make good use of images to attract people to your ads.

5. Since some of the people who click on the ad will leave your page after doing so, you can use re-targeting to get back possible customers — the new ads will have them in mind, having seen your page.