Pros & Cons: Facebook Business Page, Facebook Profile as Business Page, LinkedIn Business Page, Instagram Business Account, Instagram Personal Account

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Pros & Cons: Facebook Business Page, Facebook Profile as Business Page, LinkedIn Business Page, Instagram Business Account, Instagram Personal Account

The world of social media has grown significantly since MySpace was reigning supreme 15 years ago.

Now we have a large amount of social media channels to choose from…

There’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many many more.

Shoutout to Dustin Hanson of Handy Hanson Painting for this week’s requested blog topic!

Let’s take a look at pros and cons of Facebook Business Page, using your Facebook Profile as a Business Page, LinkedIn Business Page, Instagram Business Account, and Instagram Personal Account.

Pros Of Facebook Business Page

  • One big pro of using a Facebook Business page is the simplicity of setting it up.
  • Cost-wise, Facebook Business Pages can’t be beaten as you can start for absolutely no money down and you can start boosting posts for as little as $5.
  • It is also extremely easy for anyone to tag you and your business, and get the word out about your painting business.
  • As soon as you start getting likes and comments on your posts, it starts a buildup effect which allows you to get likes and comments on posts more easily with less effort because you will have a larger “reach”.
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Cons of Facebook Business Page

  • On the downside, if people don’t like or comment, it’s nearly impossible to connect with them on your Facebook Business Page…
  • It can be time-intensive to build your page likes — you can easily spend your whole day working on your Facebook Business Page just to get the required amount of engagement with your customers and possible customers.
  • There are plenty of comments that you will likely get that are entirely spam — advertisements for whatever they are trying to sell to your clients and prospective clients.
  • On top of this, you have comments that you’ll get from profiles that are entirely fake — bots that don’t seem to have an agenda.
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Here’s a video about using Facebook for Business Page:

Bottom Line:

What social media channel(s) are best for your painting business in 2020?

If you rely on organic reach you will NOT want to use Instagram for Business -they will not show your posts to all of your audience because they want you to pay for “boosted” posts.

This goes for Facebook as well, you’re more likely to have a better outcome in terms of engagement if you use a personal page as a business page -just be careful about sharing too much business related content.

And besides… people like interacting and connecting with real PEOPLE, not just a business.

As your business grows, consider adding on a Facebook business page, but if possible hire someone who has the ability and knowledge to grow it.

It also might be necessary for you to use a few different social media platforms.