Win 30% of Your Old Bids by Getting this 

"9-Word Email" Automated Like John Peek...

Here's how it works...

Step 1: Using "Zapier" an online automation tool, we'll automate the following:

Zapier 9-word email

Step 2: Each month we'll reach out to you to ask you to delete any contacts from the Google sheet that you don't want to follow up on.

google sheet

Step 3: Once the list is approved by you, we'll take all of the contacts and combine them into a list within your email service (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc...)

Step 4: We'll create the "9-Word Email" campaign:

9-word email, campaign, mailchimp

Step 5: Then we'll send it out!

mailchimp, 9-word email, zapier

Step 6: We'll repeat this process monthly

This 9-Word Email receives about a 50%-75% open rate and can result in closing 30% of old bids!

mailchimp, email , campaign
mailchimp, email , campaign
John Peek

John Peek

Owner of Peek Brothers Painting

"DYB Virtual creates monthly MailChimp email campaigns to previous quotes that are super effective in getting an additional 30% of 'cold, old quotes, sold! The best part is... I do not have to do these important things and I can relax knowing that the very thorough, and competent, DYB Virtual is taking care of it!"