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Mark Zuckerberg announced an update which

negatively affects Business Facebook Pages:

Recently we've gotten feedback from our community that posts from businesses & brands -- is crowding out the personal moments...

...The first changes you'll see will be in News Feed, is less public content like posts from businesses...

According to the algorithm, your business posts are only shown to a handful of your friends. 

If friends are engaging with your post, then Facebook shows it to more of your friends.

Between managing painters, giving estimates, and spending time with family, finding something engaging to post everyday can be a LOT of work. 

Which is we figured out a way to automate social media posts for life... 

Our automated social media service consists of 730 social media posts that automatically posts to your Facebook Biz Page, Google My Business, and LinkedIn, twice a day, forever!

Shawn Derby

Before & After Shawn Derby implemented our automated social media service:

Shawn Derby, Social Media Stats, DYB Virtual Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management for Painting Contractors, Virtual Assistance for Painting Contractors

If you let us automate your social media and quadruple your engagement like we did for Shawn, these are the different kinds of posts we'll create for you:

caption this

1. "Caption This"

A funny image which prompts your audience to see who can create the funniest caption!

blog post example

2. Your Blog Posts

We'll write an intro and link to your blog post. If you don't blog already, click here to check out our Monthly SEO Blog Service.

GIF Post Example, DYB Virtual Social Media

3. GIF Prompts

This is a great way to get your audience engaged (people LOVE gifs).

Funny post

4. Entertainment

This includes jokes, riddles, memes, and comics.

inspirational quote example


Authors include: Bob Burg, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Charlie Tremendous Jones, Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegie, Robert Kiyosaki, Darren Hardy, Napoleon Hill, Tim Ferriss, John C. Maxwell

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Sign up for the Social Media Scheduling Tool "Social Bee" $19/mo. plan

*Social Bee is a third party app not owned by DYB Virtual, a tool that recycles your posts forever.

Step 2: We'll upload 730 posts into your Social Bee account and select optimal times of day for them to be posted to your social media accounts twice a day

Step 3: Use our 219 post ideas to post personalized posts about your business in between these automated posts. (Included)

Step 4: As the posts are published each day, engage with people who are commenting and watch your engagement skyrocket!

Get Your Social Media Automated for Life!

  • We'll create/gather 730 social media posts
  • We'll upload and schedule them to your Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn , and Google My Business
  • Bonus: we're including 219 post ideas about your business

One time set-up fee $612

After payment you'll be redirected to a google form where you can

provide us with the necessary info to get started asap

Shawn Derby

"We wanted our business Facebook page to get engagement everyday, not just the days that we posted a random job photo. DYB Virtual understood the idea and made it a reality... So here are the average numbers:

Before DYB Virtual Social media package:
> 250-300 engagements per week
> 1 new page like per week

After DYB Virtual Social media package:
> 1000-1200 engagements per week
> 10 new page likes per week

The end result is that we have put customers on our calendar because we are engaged on Facebook. The best part is that if we never posted to our page again it would be about 500 days before any content would recycle... we automated social media! This is one of many automations that DYB Virtual has helped us put in place. DYB Virtual is my number one tool in doing business efficiently and effectively."

- Shawn Derby | Sir Paints a Lot -