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Shawn Derby's Testimonial of DYB Virtual

Shawn Derby
Owner of Sir Paints a Lot

"We had this idea... 1000 posts for social media, twice a day, set to repeat. We wanted our business Facebook page to get engagement everyday, not just the days that we posted a random job photo. DYB Virtual understood the idea and made it a reality... So here are the average numbers:

Before DYB Virtual Social media package:
> 250-300 engagements per week
> 1 new page like per week

After DYB Virtual Social media package:
> 1000-1200 engagements per week
> 10 new page likes per week

The end result is that we have put customers on our calendar because we are engaged on Facebook.

The best part is that if we never posted to our page again it would be about 500 days before any content would recycle... We automated social media!

This is one of many automations that DYB Virtual has helped us put in place.

DYB Virtual is my number one tool in doing business efficiently and effectively."

John Peek

John Peek
Owner of Peek Brothers Painting

"I am a raving fan of my whole experience with DYB Virtual! Nadia has created Zapier automations that takes client bookings from YouCanBookMe to a custom spread sheet that I use as a CRM. Nadia's team also helps me with industry specific blog posts on a monthly basis. Her team also creates monthly MailChimp email campaigns to previous quotes that are super effective in getting an additional 30% of "cold", old quotes, sold! The best part is... I do not have to do these important things and I can relax knowing that the very thorough, and competent, DYB Virtual is taking care of it! My time is freed up to do what I do best. Thank you so much Nadia for helping me this year -my highest income in 38 years of business!"

Steve Burnett
Pres. of DYB Coach

"Even though I’m Nadia’s father, it would be fair if she said I am her toughest and most demanding client. Even still, she provides a remarkable service!


Full disclosure: I’m a monitory partner of BGT"

testimonial, burnett growth team, ron rice

Ron Rice
Owner of Ron Rice Painting & Consulting

"I couldn't be happier with DYB Virtual. Nadia and her team ALWAYS go the extra mile, turn my work around promptly, and do it with a smile. I don't know why I waited so long to hire this AMAZING team. If you are on the fence or don't know if having this group of VA's is the right thing for you, please just give them a shot. Hiring them is one of the best business decisions I've made in the last year!"

testimonial, burnett growth team, joseph gallop

Joseph Gallop
Owner of Appaloosa Painting Co.

"Nadia automated a much needed zap that I just could not get working on my own. It's now saving me time by not having to retype customer info in multiple places. I highly recommend her for Zapier Automation."

darrick preble, dyb virtual, testimonial, review, zapier

Darrick Preble
Owner of Preble Painting LLC

"DYB Virtual automated my whole system. From having nothing but the apps purchased to making them all talk to each other. I used to fall behind on all the data input but, not anymore!!

They hooked up so many applications that I couldn’t even tell you how many and what they even do without looking it up. 

It freed up at least an hour of my time every day, we are more organized, and I am a happier person as computers are not my favorite. We continue to add new functions and develop new systems together!

It was the best business system investment I have ever made.

Good job Nadia and team!! I’m extremely grateful for your help and support."

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