Get More Leads With This Website Layout

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Get More Leads With This Website Layout

“If my content is solid, does my website layout really matter that much?”

People are going to judge your brand based on the way your website looks.

As unfair as that may seem, it is true.

You could have the most in-depth case studies…

and the most brilliant content…

but, if your layout is boring and unattractive, you’ve already lost your viewers to someone with less experience and content because they have a more attractive website design.

SO, does your website layout really matter that much?


Now for the more important question…

Why does an attractive website layout matter so much?

To answer this question I’ll tell you about a case study titled Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites.

The objective of the study was to determine whether a health site with a stunning design and a plethora of useful elements would affect one’s decision to trust the site versus a less attractive health site with more content.

Their findings were astounding!

The study resulted in 94% of users chose to trust the more stunning website over the one which provided more health content.

Can you believe that?!

Study participants mentioned these specific elements:

  • inappropriate website name
  • complex / cluttered layout
  • small text
  • lack of navigation aids
  • boring design / no color
  • too much text

While this particular study relates to health sites, it seems reasonable to correlate this with any website.

The visual appeal of a website layout and helpful elements make all the difference.

Alright, I’ve told you what doesn’t work.. so what does work?

To help you out, I’ve created a little cheat sheet infographic for you:

The Ultimate Checklist to an Effective Website Layout

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…and it’s all yours to download for free!

See below for your free download (: