Steal My 21 Blog Post Ideas

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Steal My 21 Blog Post Ideas

Trying to come up with content but can’t think of anything?

We’ve all been there…

I know exactly how discouraging writer’s block can be so I did a little digging around and came up with a few topics for you.

Here Are 21 Blog Post Ideas:

  1. Step-by-step: Create a step-by-step guide on how to do something. This is basically a tutorial or a “How to”.
  2. List: Create a list of tools, ideas, and tactics that will help your viewers with whatever topic you specialize
  3. Case Study: this is a post that takes more work to put together, but once done it is very useful. Put together a group of statistics and details on a certain topic.
  4. Lead Magnet Excerpt: Look into one of your lead magnets or ebooks and share a useful chunk of it, then link to the actual opt-in page so they can receive the rest of it.
  5. Webinar Excerpt: Take a chunk from one of your recent webinars then link to the full webinar.
  6. Inspirational: These are great mood boosters to stumble upon, we all need these.
  7. FAQ: If you’re constantly asked a series of common questions, why not lay them all out for your viewers to easily read all at once?
  8. Quote: Everyone loves quotes from people that they look up to, dig around and find a good amount of quotes then aggregate them together.
  9. Comparison: Find your competitors, then differentiate between the two of you, show why you are unique.
  10. Definition: In every niche there is a series of “jargon” or slang used in each industry of business, create a list of all of those words and define them.
  11. Profile: Choose one successful person in your industry or niche and simply write about them, their accomplishments, and contributions.
  12. Best Of: Sort through all of your blog posts and choose the ones that have had the most popularity then pull them together into one.
  13. Reaction: Find a good piece of content created by someone else and review it, then comment your thoughts on it.
  14. Story: Think of an entertaining story that relates to your niche, then share it with your readers.
  15. Common Mistake: Look at common mistakes that are made in your industry and point out things that should be avoided.
  16. Link Round-Up: Round up a few links that provide news relatable to your community.
  17. Survey: Create a survey using a program like Survey Monkey or Type Form, then share the results.
  18. Interview: Interview an expert in your industry then provide the interviewee’s response and react to it.
  19. Meme: Get fun with it! Everyone loves to laugh, create a few funny memes relating to your niche.
  20. Recognition: This is more of a promotional post. Recognize a customer that has had the most engagement with your business.
  21. Contest: Create a contest and give all the information on how to opt-in to win.

Writer’s block… be GONE!

Which one are you going to try today?

Let me know in the comments below!