Staying Top Of Mind To Your Customers By Sending Cards Quarterly (and, yes, you can automate this!)

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Staying Top Of Mind To Your Customers By Sending Cards Quarterly (and, yes, you can automate this!)

When you finish a good painting project, how long do you think your customer thinks of you and remembers your name?

More often than not, it’s pretty soon after you finish that your customer only thinks about the work you did and cannot remember who did it.

One way that you can stay on top of your customers’ minds is to send them cards — physical greeting cards, that is. Fear not – you can automate this!

Let’s have a look at tips for how you can stay on top of your customers’ minds with cards

1. Three Months Is A Good Time Frame

Though you do want your customers to remember you, you also don’t want to irritate your customers by contacting them too often.

As a suggestion, we have found that sending a card to your customers about every three months is a best practice.

The question may then become what you should send in your cards, which we will address next.

2. Birthdays And Major Holidays Are One Reason To Send Cards

One good reason that you will have to send your customers greeting cards is when it’s their birthday.

Though they might not even remember telling you when their birthday is, they will definitely appreciate seeing a card from you then.

As we will mention later in this article, a key thing here is that you are only wishing the person a happy birthday.

Nowhere in the card are you going to offer a special deal or mention your painting work that you did for them.

The point of the card is for them to remember you, not what you did — that part they already remember.

Since your paintwork is in front of them every day, that is not going to be easy to forget!

3. Minor Holidays Work As Well

Of course, you don’t have to wait for a major holiday in order to send cards to your customers — minor holidays work quite well, too!

If you are reading this on December 15th, for example, did you know that it’s International Tea Day?

Then there’s December 16th, which is National Ugly Sweaters Day — always nice to get a smile to people’s faces!

Find a good holiday and a reason to send out cards to your customers and you will be on their mind soon enough!

Again, remember that you’re not including any sales links or coupons or anything of the sort.

All you’re doing is helping them remember you and if you get them to laugh while doing so, all the better!

Getting your customers to laugh is one of the easiest and best ways to get them to remember you.

On top of that, it might inspire them to talk with their friends — “look at this funny card my painting contractor sent me!”

4. Why You Need Send Out Cards

If all of this sounds good to you and you want to start regularly sending out cards to your customers, you need Send Out Cards.

Send Out Cards features an automated sending process that will help you get the cards you want to your customers.

Best of all, it’s considerably less pricey than going to a store every time you want to send out cards…

And just buying cards for all of your customers — plus, they keep track of your contacts and who has gotten what!

For more details and how to sign up for Send Out Cards, click here.