7 Tips For Creating Google Ads That Convert For Painting Contractors

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7 Tips For Creating Google Ads That Convert For Painting Contractors

Over 82% of marketers will advertise on search engines – and Google is by far the most popular.

The important thing is not just to advertise, but to get people to see your ad and then click…

As a painting contractor, you also want that person clicking to then book you for their painting needs!

Making Google ads that convert (that is, getting a click and then a sale) is quite useful as a small business in 2023 and beyond.

2/3 of Google marketers say that the conversion is the most important part, not just the click.

Let’s take a look at 7 tips for creating Google ads that convert for painting contractors

1. Include A Strong Call-To-Action

In any Google ad you write, you should include a good call-to-action – a message to do something.

As you want the person who sees the ad to visit your site and then book your service, it should be service oriented.

Someone whose niche is cabinet painting could have “learn more about how we can update your kitchen cabinets by clicking here!”

This directly informs people why they want to click there and gets people who have no interest in it to avoid it.

This is actually good as if someone doesn’t need their cabinets painted, you won’t waste money on their click.

2. Focus On One Important Part Of The Ad

A good ad will have two parts to it — the written part and the more creative part, which can be an image.

It’s usually better if you focus on one of these parts to the ad and make it as strong as you can.

If you have a powerful image that captures the attention of the audience, you don’t need to write quite as much.

However if you don’t have such a strong image, it’s important to make sure that what you write is powerful.

The headline will have to get their attention right away, for example – your aim is to stop the scroll, after all.

3. Use Numbers

There’s one thing that almost always gets people’s attention in advertising – numbers!

Think about the difference between the following examples in painting bathroom walls.

Would someone click on an ad that starts, “Your Bathroom Can Look Like New Soon!”…

Or are they more likely to click on an ad that says, “7 Days To A Bathroom That Looks Brand New”?

People also like to think of themselves saving money by using your service, so including a number discount helps.

“25% off your living room painting project if you contact us this week!” is a strong call to action and includes a solid number.

4. Questions Beat Statements

Since you want to get the attention of people looking at your ad, the best thing to do is to include questions.

“Do you need to update the look of your kitchen cabinets?” is better than “Your kitchen cabinets need an update!”

Asking questions in your ads will get people to think of the answer that they have to the question – a good thing.

If the answer is positive, there’s a good chance that you have just found a future customer, which you want.

If the person isn’t interested in the question, they won’t click the ad and you won’t have to pay for their click!

5. Use The Words Your Customers Use

When you’re making ads, you should write using words that your customers are going to understand.

You might have a good ad in mind that will talk about what you do as a painting contractor – but does it make sense?

If you think about how the average homeowner who needs their home painted speaks…

And you think about how they talk to you when they describe getting their home painted…

You can probably think well about the language they use, and the kinds of things you should tell them about getting their home painted!

6. Emojis And Short Sentences Sell

It helps when you are writing your advertisements to think of it like a conversation with a friend.

One way to do this is to have sentences that are on the shorter side – often the shorter, the better!

Think about what you have written and try reading it out loud.

If you hit a point in the sentence and need to take a breath, that sentence may be too long.

It also is helpful to add emojis in your ad text that will help to add color to the text.

7. Tell A Story

Lastly, think about how you can tell a story with your ad – remembering that you should still include a question.

If you can explain in a story how people can benefit from getting their home painted, it may get them interested.

Here again it’s best that you are able to separate the people interested from those who are not.

Some people will stop reading the story you tell part of the way through and see it’s not for them.

You won’t have to spend the money on their clicks, which is good because they won’t be your future customers.

The ones that do read and end up clicking are much more likely to be your future customers, however!


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