7 Free Ways To Promote Your Painting Business

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7 Free Ways To Promote Your Painting Business

It’s estimated that marketing will cost companies upward of eight billion dollars in 2022 – quite a sum to get people to know about your company!

As a painting contractor, you should know that you can successfully promote your business at no cost…

which will lead to more customers, the growth of your business, and more opportunities to expand.

Let’s have a look at 7 free ways to promote your painting business

1. Run A Giveaway

A good way that you can promote your painting business is to run a giveaway contest – and this is indeed possible for you as a painting contractor.

Though of course we are not suggesting you offer a free exterior paint job, more minor painting projects could be a good idea.

You could, for example, have a contest where the winner gets their bathroom cabinets painted.

Though of course the time and materials that go into such a project will cost you, it will be well worth it.

The publicity that you will get for yourself from people sharing your giveaway on social media could lead to future clients for a long time to come.

Here’s a video tutorial on running a giveaway on Facebook:


2. Write Guest Posts

Writing for your own blog is important (and if you need help getting your blogs written, we can help), of course.

It’s good to drive customers to your site and find out about the services that you offer.

One good way to bring in a whole new audience to your blog is to offer to write a guest post for another blog.

The blog you write could be about a subject you know well, whether that is kitchen cabinet colors or perhaps even fence painting.

Reach out to us if you need any help with writing these guest posts.

3. Speak At Events

Another way to share your expertise is to go out in public and speak at events where you can also promote your business.

A local Rotary Club, for example, may be more than happy to host you as you speak on a painting related topic.

The goal of the Rotary Club is to promote education, grow the local economy, and provide humanitarian aid.

With that in mind, remember that you are providing a service when you speak but you can also mention your business at some point.  

4. Make Youtube Videos

People online spend more time every year watching videos rather than reading – and Youtube is one way these videos are consumed.

As a painting contractor, there are many things you know to do well, and you can make videos on paint related topics.

It’s also a good place for you to put customer testimonials – once you finish a painting project, ask them for a testimonial.

The customer may prefer to give a testimonial in writing and there is a place for that but they may also agree to do a video testimonial.

You should have a few standard questions prepared that you can ask every customer that does a video testimonial to keep them consistent.

5. Respond To All Of Your Reviews

You are likely to receive reviews online for your painting work, and it’s important to always respond to these reviews.

This is going to be important whether you get positive reviews or less positive reviews – you need to respond to both.

If you get a positive review, you should respond with thanks and appreciation for their feedback.

If you get a less positive review, you should respond that you will be in touch with them, and then do so.

Reach out to them, find out what made their review less positive, and see if you can help them in any way.

6. Have A Strong Social Media Presence

One of the best free ways that you can promote your painting business is to use social media.

The important thing is – whether you’re using Facebook, Instagram, or others – is to post regularly.

It’s also important to reply to any comments you get on your posts – and to find posts where you can leave helpful comments.

A useful thing when going between your social media accounts is to reuse content – a video can be made into shorter videos and even pictures.

7. Ask For Customer Feedback

Lastly, one of best ways you can promote your business is to ask your existing customers for their own feedback.

Ask your customers how they found you – was it from one of your Facebook posts, perhaps?

Once they tell you how they find you, make a note of it and make sure to put more of your effort into that.

The more people tell you certain promotions worked better, the more you should look at using those.

Investing your time and energy into promotions that work and not those that are reaching few is a good way to reach even more people.

Quick Recap

1. Run a giveaway to help find people that might ultimately be interested in making use of your services

2. Write guest posts on other people’s blogs so that people will come to find your site

3. Speak at events to get your name out and speak about important issues to your community

4. Make Youtube videos about painting subjects you know well and feature video testimonials as well.

5. Make sure to respond to all of your reviews so people know that you take their reviews seriously.

6. Have a strong social media presence with at least a few different social media accounts, and be smart in repurposing your content from one platform to the others

7. Ask for customer feedback so you can see what works and what doesn’t in terms of your promotion strategies