How To Write Paint Blogs That Rank For SEO in 2022

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How To Write Paint Blogs That Rank For SEO in 2022

Companies spend close to eighty billion dollars annually on SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

But what are they really getting? 

SEO is just a fancy word for matchmaker.

Yes, Google is the ultimate matchmaker and they want to make sure they are the best at it!

This means your site needs to be optimized, so Google can make the best matches for you and your potential clients.

You can, in writing blogs for your painting website, make use of certain key tricks to help you with your own SEO.

If you want to attract more clients, getting them to your site will help and writing paint blogs that boost your SEO will get them there.

Let’s look at some tips for how to write paint blogs that rank for SEO in 2022.

1. Write For People, Not Search Engines

One helpful thing to get your paint blogs ranked for SEO is to have people in mind when you are writing.

People – as opposed to writing with search engines in mind, which you should realize is quite different.

Writing for search engines means doing things like loading your blogs with keywords even if the writing makes no sense.

Writing for people means  that you are thinking of what they would want to read, and writing it!

Doing this ultimately will get people to spend more time reading your blogs, which improves your SEO ranking.

2. Be Sure Your Keywords Are In Your Meta Description

A good meta description is one key to having better SEO, and this starts with using your keywords.

Of course, since your meta description is generally limited to 160 characters, you need to be careful with which keywords you use.

On the other hand, you should not use too many keywords in your meta description.

Search engines that see meta descriptions with too many keywords call it ‘keyword stuffing’ and this is not good.

Your meta description is often the first thing people see when they find your site through search.

As such, it’s much better for the description to speak to them than to load it with too many keywords.

3.All Of Your Images Need Alt Text

Getting your paint blogs to rank well for SEO is more than just writing well, though of course that’s your first concern.

It’s also fundamentally important that each of your images contains alt text – text that gives information about the image.

Not only is alt text good for those with browsers that can’t load the images, it’s powerful for SEO ranking as well.

The trick is to find the right information to put into your alt text.

You want it to be readable even though more computers will be reading it than people.

4. Add Links To Your Other Blog Posts

An important part of boosting your SEO ranking is having links on your page – links that are internal, that is.

For each blog post that you write, you should have at least two to three links that go to other blogs.

You can have a couple of links at the end of your blog leading to other blogs that are related to that one.

For example, if you write an article about kitchen cabinet painting, you might link to other articles about kitchen painting.

You can even link to other posts in your post itself – maybe if you mention primer, you can link to an article about how important primer is!

5. Do Keyword Research Before Including Them

Lastly, you should make sure that before you include any keyword in your blog posts that you have researched them well.

There are quite a few keyword research tools you can make use of, and the trick is to find one that works best for you.

The nice thing about doing this sort of keyword research is that it will often inspire you to write other blog posts you had not thought of yet.


What DYB Virtual Can Do For You

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