Why You Need To Use Google Data Studio To Improve Your Painting Website

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Why You Need To Use Google Data Studio To Improve Your Painting Website

Have you ever heard of Google Data Studio?

It’s been found that by having information shown visually,

you’re actually 28% more likely to get the information you need sooner.

Of course, there are a number of ways to deliver information about your business…

but have you tried Google Data Studio yet??

Here’s why you need to use Google Data Studio to improve your painting website:

1. Google Data Studio Shows Information From Multiple Sources

When you’re looking to improve your website with information, it’s good to get it from more than one place.

For one, the studio lets you connect with Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and more.

There are now 18 different connections that are Google run, and over 480 partner data connections you can make!

These partner connections let you connect to programs like the Bing ad program, from Microsoft

By doing so, you’ll get data on how your Bing ads

Between the Google programs connections and the partner ones, there’s nearly no end to the kinds of information you’ll be able to gather.

2. It’s The Easiest Data Visualizer To Use

When it comes to making things simple and easy, you tend to think of Google as one of the best.

After all, people talking about searching things online will almost always say… well let me Google that!

Google has made their data visualizer easy to use for beginners and experts alike.

Even if you know nothing about it, they help you right from the beginning with plenty of tutorials.

Here is a starter tutorial to help you learn how to use Google Data Studio:

3. You Can’t Beat The Price

There are a lot of options out there for getting your data in an easy to understand form.

Out of all of them, Google Data Studio is one of the only ones that is entirely free.

The good thing about this is that if you’re not sure if it will be worth your time, you at least know you don’t have to pay for it.

Some of the programs to which you will be able to connect will have a fee, but that’s to do with them and not Google.

4. It Provides Excellent Visual Reports

When you think about the kind of information that you get from having a website, it can be quite overwhelming.

You have things like how many people come every month, how long they stay, where they’re clicking…

Along with things like what ads are getting more clicks versus which are getting none, what words in ads are working…

You’ll find that just by having all of this information in visual form, it will make a lot more sense to you.

That’s why people find that they can act more quickly on the information provided by the reports.

5. It Makes Sharing Reports Easy

Sometimes you work alone with the information that you have, and if that’s the case you can move on to the sixth item.

However, if you work with other people that also need this information, you’ll be glad to know this:

Google Data Studio is quite easy when it comes to sharing the reports that you generate.

It’s really just a matter of clicking on a couple of buttons, and you’ll be on your way to sharing the reports.

It even has a good version history built in so if someone goes in and makes a change you don’t want, no worries.

All you have to do is go in after them and revert the changes.

6. Google Data Studio Has Built In Templates To Help You

When you’re getting started with any new tool, it’s hard to get started knowing nothing about what you’re doing.

It’s helpful to have templates that will guide you in making the reports that you will find useful for your website.

There’s a very good starter template, for example, that will give you all the information on your local Google Ads.

That will show you how much you are paying for ads versus how much money you’re making from clients coming to you from these ads.

Of course once you have the basic template open, you can custom build it to be more related to your business.

7. You Can Quickly Use The Information To Improve Your Website

Lastly, the reason that you need Google Data Studio is because of how quickly you can use the information.

With the simple way that Google Data Studio shows you information about the ads that you run…

As well as the statistics that it can tell you about what pages are getting clicks, how long people are staying…

With the way that this information comes together, you’ll be able to quickly use it to improve your website.

You’ll be able to act on things like knowing what pages need improvements, and what ads to remove if they’re not doing well.

Quick Recap:

1. Google Data Studio shows information from multiple sources, so you will be able to better improve your website based on one easy to understand report based on that information.

2. Google Data Studio is the easiest data visualizer to use and helps you right out of the box setting up your reporting.

3. Google Data Studio is free, and considering everything it can do that’s quite a deal!

4. You can get great visual reports when you use Google Data Studio.

5. Should you want to share your reports, Google Data Studio makes sharing easy

6. If you aren’t sure where to start with making a report, Google Data Studio has built in templates to help you

7. To better suit your website, you can quickly use the information you get from Google Data Studio to improve your website.