7 Profitable Reasons Small Business Owners Need A Blog in 2022

7 Profitable Reasons Business Owners Need A Blog in 2022

7 Profitable Reasons Small Business Owners Need A Blog in 2022

Did you know that businesses that regularly post a blog have traffic that’s at least 3 times greater than those that do not?

You may look at businesses with blogs and think you just don’t have time for a blog, and that there’s no good reason for having one.

There are many good reasons — and today we’re going to look at some of the better reasons for doing exactly that.

Here are 7 profitable reasons small business owners need a blog in 2022.

1. Great For Improving Your Internal Links

It’s important when you have a website to try to improve your rank on Google and other search engines.

One way that you can help with your search ranking is to have more internal links in your site.

There are two basic kinds of links – internal and external – the internal link takes you to a different page on the same site.

By having more internal links, your pages that get linked to are seen as being more important so to speak.

Every time you publish a new blog you have opportunities to add internal links to your site, each of which helps.

2. Answering Important Customer Questions Is Key To Getting Their Business

In his seminal work, “They Ask, You Answer,” the author Marcus Sheridan discusses ways to improve your business.

One of the lessons of the book is that if the market is asking for something, you should be answering it.

When you write a blog, you’ll have the chance to regularly answer your customer’s questions.

As you answer questions, there’s a good chance that more questions will come up…

Leading you to have the opportunity to answer more important questions from your customers…

Which ultimately will lead you to helping them as paid customers of your services!

3. You’ll Get Feedback From Your Customers

You will find as you regularly post content to your blog, you’ll be able to get comments from your customers.

Feedback, in other words.

They might want to know what kind of interior painting services you offer based on posts that you have made.

They might even want to know more information about some of the posts that you make.

The more you engage with possible customers, the more you are likely to get them to come around to being your customers.

4. It Gives Your Website Fresh Content Regularly

As the owner of a website, you’re going to want to do everything you can to keep the attention of search engines.

If you put up a website but it never changes, it’s kind of like printing a newspaper… but just the one issue…

And putting that same issue out every day, wondering why nobody is buying it anymore.

When you have a blog, you have a place to put new content out as regularly as you see fit.

Of course, if you want to put out a blog regularly but just don’t see yourself having the time to write it…

That’s where we’d be happy to help you with our SEO blog posts for small business owners.

5. It Educates Your Customers About Your Business

One thing you might hear potential customers say about the sort of work that you do gets said a lot is:

“I don’t know anything about [service you provide: house painting, setting up alarm systems, etc] and I don’t even know where to start!”

That’s where you come in, and where having a blog will be quite helpful.

With every blog that gets posted to your site, another possible customer comes along and finds out more information about your services and your processes. Educating potential customers is a GREAT way to build trust and tip the scale between you and the competition.

Also, when you educate your customers via a blog, you can use this as an automated email sequence we call the “Automated Pre-selling Machine”. You write great content answering the top 10-25 questions every homeowner tends to ask during the estimate. When a new lead comes in by booking on your website, an automated email sequence triggers and sends these helpful, informative emails out before you even get to the estimate! Homeowners love these and they can pretty much sell your job before you even arrive at the estimate. Now, how’s THAT sound for lead generation and closing sales! Our clients rave about it!

6. It Helps Promote Your Services Online

You may be well aware of all of the services that you offer as a small business owner but what about potential customers?

Even if you briefly explain what your services are online, it doesn’t compare to a well written blog.

As you post blogs on your website, you have a chance to explain to people how you do the services you are describing.

Since they’ll understand what you do and how you do it, they’ll be more likely to hire you as a small business owner.

7. It Shows Off Your Best Work Online

Lastly, remember that when you post photos and videos of your work through your blog, you are possibly attracting new customers.

People who find your site through a search engine will see the blog posts.

If they find themselves wanting that kind of service, they’ll be able to contact you to hire you.

Quick Recap:

1. By having a blog, you get more internal links, which are really important for doing well on search engine rankings

2. When you answer customer questions, you are one step closer to getting their business

3. Having a blog will help you get feedback from your customers

4. Having fresh content on your site is important and a blog is one way to get regular fresh content regularly

5. A well educated customer is good for your business and a blog helps to educate your customers about your business

6. You can help to promote your business services online through your blog

7. A good picture and video can do more to promote your business than anything else and with your blog you can show off your best work online