Tips For Getting A Stronger Email Marketing List

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Tips For Getting A Stronger Email Marketing List


The number of daily email users is expected to climb to about 4.6 billion by 2025.

If you can work on getting a good strong email marketing list, you can get more people to sign up for your services.

Let’s take a look at some tips for getting a stronger email marketing list in 2023.

1. Make Your Email Content Unique

If what you send in your email is identical to what can be found on your website, why read it?

Of course, you can entice people to go to your website by offering a bit of your site content…

But it certainly helps if you have something in the email that’s unique to the email itself.

This will keep your readers looking forward to the next email and from hitting that unsubscribe link.

2. Segment By Specialty

It may help you to build a strong email list if you actually segment your list into different groups.

Each of the different groups could get an email that is more tailored to their interests and wants.

If one of your niches is kitchen cabinet painting, for example, you could have a segment dedicated to that.

This will really help out people who are ultimately interested in getting their kitchen cabinets redone know why you’re the best!

3. Give A Strong Reason To Sign Up

On your site and other places where you have sign-up forms, you’re going to want to give a reason for people to do so.

If people are on your site and they see a sign that says ‘sign up for our email list’ they will think, ‘why?’

The important thing is that the reason why should be something that in some way serves them.

By giving people a reason to sign up, they’ll be more likely to think they’re getting something for it.

This could even be a free informational PDF that you create and give away to people who sign up for the list.

4. Add Sign Up Language In Your Emails

You might think that if someone is reading your email already, that means they are signed up for your list – this is not always so.

A person might have gotten your email forwarded to them from a friend or family member, for example.

Somewhere in your email, and certainly at the end of it, you should have a little message about subscribing.

This could say something like, “if you like this kind of email, please click here to subscribe.”

Doing this will help people who received your email to subscribe.

5. Test Different Subject Lines

The first thing a person sees before they open an email is the subject line – it’s important!

One way you can find out what subject lines work better is through something called A/B testing.

What you can do is split your email list into two groups – and each gets a different subject line.

You can then see how many people open the email from one group versus the other.

Based on that you’ll be able to tell which was a better subject line and make better subject lines for future emails.

6. Short Introduction Videos Help

Another good way to get people to want to sign up for your email list is to make a short introduction video.

This could be in the form of a video where you talk about the benefits of being on your email list.

It could also be an ad that you run – and remember that in this case you need to make it even shorter and more attention grabbing.

A video like this should be short in general so that people watching know quickly why they are watching…

And, more importantly, why they should sign up for your email list!

7. Offer Discounts As An Incentive

Lastly, remember that one big thing that you can offer to get people to sign up for your list is discounts.

If people know that when they get your emails they can get discounted service, they’ll have motivation to do so.

Of course on your end, you’ll know that when people use these discount codes, you get a paying customer…

And once they see how great you do the first time you come to their home, you’ll have a customer for life!


Quick Recap : 
1. To give people a reason to keep receiving your email regularly, make your email content unique.

2. Consider segmenting your email list by specialty so people will find their emails more relevant

3. Offer a free PDF or similar egift as a strong reason to sign up

4. Add sign up language in your emails so that people who get your email sent to them can become subscribers

5. Test different subject lines using A/B testing so you can learn what subject lines serve you best.

6. Making short introduction videos will help you explain to people how they will benefit from receiving your emails

7. Offer discounts as an incentive to sign up for your email list