Here’s An Easy Way To Set Yourself Apart Using A Professional Email Address

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Here’s An Easy Way To Set Yourself Apart Using A Professional Email Address

The average person receives well over a hundred emails every day – and yours may be one of them.

One thing that gets people to immediately open your email, happens when they see your email address — but why?

If people see that your email address is a free email account, like gmail or yahoo, they might not even read the first word of your email.

It’s worth exploring why this is the case, and what to do about it so your emails are more likely read.

Here’s an easy way to set yourself apart using a professional email address:

A Professional Email Address Gives You Credibility

One reason that you’re going to want to get a professional email address is because it gives credibility.

Imagine you’re John at the Waterloo Painting Company – and you hear someone talking about needing their house painted while shopping.

You have your business card all ready to give them but when they look at your email address, they’re shocked.

They see — — what?

Anyone can create an email account at one of these free email providers, and it looks quite amateur when you use them.

Plus, when you send customers important information by email, they’re more likely to see it if you use a professional email address.

Email servers have filters that recognize that spam emails often come from free email accounts.

Because of that, it’s better to have a professional email address and get your emails seen by your clients

A Professional Email Address Shows Consistency

With a company, everything in the way that you present yourself should be consistent with who you are and what your company stands for.

You are more likely to take a company seriously if they all show up wearing a uniform — it shows consistency with the brand.

The same thing can be said for your email address. 

If you use a free email address, it won’t make nearly as good of an impression as when you use a professional email address.

This is especially the case as you will be able to show who works with you – their first name at your email address…

…which is a much better look for you than their name followed by a random number at gmail!

You Have Control Over What’s In Your Email

When you make use of a free email address, the email doesn’t actually belong to you — it belongs to the company that gave you the account.

Not only that, but you are at the mercy of the company when it comes to the account itself…

…meaning if the company decides they no longer will offer free email and closes accounts, there go all of your emails.

With a professional email address, you have paid for ownership of the email account as well as the contents of the email.

As this is the case, you can know that you won’t have to deal with intrusive ads and email filters that often work against you!

A Professional Email Address Shows The Value Of Your Brand

As a professional painting contractor, you are going to need to represent your brand both on and off the work site.

On the site, this means when you pull up in your vehicle it is clear that you are coming as a representative of your painting company.

You have on clothing that also says the name of your brand, and it’s clear from all this how important your brand is to you.

By making use of a professional email address, you continue showing the value of the brand every time you send an email to a client or even fellow business owner.


How DYB Virtual Can Help You Get A Professional Email Address

Our team at DYB Virtual, can help you to get a professional email address using Google Workspace. 


What’s more, we’ll even set up Priority Inbox for you, so you can experience what may seem to some as the elusive, Empty Inbox, regularly! (The stress of not having an empty inbox makes the small charge of a professional email a million times worth it!)


To start, you will get set up with a professional email address —, for example.


Google Workspace comes with the Google Apps you’ll want to take advantage of: Google Contacts, Google Spreadsheets, Google Calendar, etc. 


Plus, Google Workspace integrates with Zapier to  make workflows seamless and happen behind the scenes, saving you THOUSANDS of dollars in admin expenses. Then, your admin can work on more higher level marketing and management tasks!


To learn more about Google Workspace and a professional email, check out our Google Workspace Page.


To learn more about how Zapier works with Google, check out our Zapier Page.


Here’s to looking the part and being the part –professional and streamlined!