How to Use Customer Testimonials to Drive Sales

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How to Use Customer Testimonials to Drive Sales

Testimonials are word-of-mouth marketing.

When delivered efficiently, they can be a great addition to your business because social proof is a powerful thing in the business world.

Make Sure You Are Giving a Benefit.

Your product or service should improve a customer’s life.

Ask your client these questions:

  • Why did you want to hire me?
  • What were you struggling with and how have I helped you overcome that challenge?
  • What impact have I made?

1. Often testimonials get hidden on a page dedicated to them.

If a user isn’t looking for them, they’ll never see them…

Make sure to integrate your testimonials in:

  • Sales copy
  • Homepage
  • About page
  • Emails
  • Product pages

2. Don’t be afraid to ask.

If you’re positive you’ve given a customer a great experience with your brand, they’ll most likely be more than happy to write a testimonial for you.

All you have to do… is ask.

3. Video testimonials will always trump written testimonials.

As technology is vastly increasing, sad to say, consumers are watching more and reading less.

Using video, you’re creating an easier way to deliver information to a future customer.

Take advantage of it.

4. Don’t over edit.

Users on your website need to know that the testimonials provided are real.

If you polish them up, it looks falsely written by your business.

You want to come off as truthful, with legitimate happy customers.

5. Encourage specificity.

When asking a customer to create a testimonial for you, address certain objectives.

Ask specific questions that give answers to the questions your future customers might be asking.

Good testimonials don’t just capture the end result, they capture the challenge that was overcome too.