The Importance of Testimonials


The Importance of Testimonials

The marketing world is changing.

According to Optify’s B2B Marketing Benchmark Report, statistics show that “80% of traffic is coming from organic search and direct traffic.”

This means that users are finding sites through research via google, as well as discovering through testimonials.

So what is a testimonial?

Testimonials are recorded statements from consumers that support a brand’s credibility and level of expertise as well as quality.

Why are testimonials such a big deal?

Let’s take car shopping for example:

When you bought your first car, how did you make the decision of which one to purchase?

You probably didn’t just walk onto the lot and say “That’s the one!”

… or maybe you did.

Most would’ve done research before choosing which one to take home.

If you’re like most consumers, you probably relied on customer reviews.

Why do we naturally research and review a product before completing a sale?

Reviews and testimonials are truthful and equitable, they are not polished and posted by the company, they come from people just like you and me.

It is the simple fact that a consumer will reach out and view testimonials which gives you a great advantage.

As long as you are providing outstanding products/services as well as remarkable customer service, then you have nothing to lose when it comes to receiving testimonials.

Anytime you have a positive interaction with a customer, it’s a good opportunity to ask them for a testimonial.

Testimonials are not limited to only your customers, reach out to your business associates as well.

If you believe in your brand, testimonials will only push you up the ladder that much further and help you to establish great credibility in the business world!