7 Blogging Mistakes Painters Should Avoid In 2021

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7 Blogging Mistakes Painters Should Avoid in 2021

The average reader will spend about 37 seconds reading/scanning a blog post.

However, if your blog doesn’t have good structure, that number could be even smaller.

Let’s have a look at 7 blogging mistakes painters should avoid in 2021:

1. Choosing The Wrong WordPress Theme

A mistake that many people make in creating their blog is in choosing the wrong WordPress theme…

…and then wondering why their blog looks so bad.

A good theme is one that is easy for you to understand and isn’t so bloated with features that it takes a long time to load.

The more features you have, the less likely it is that you’re actually going to take the time to use them.

2. Using A Bad Hosting Company

Another rather unfortunate mistake that people make when they’re blogging is to use a bad hosting company to host their blog.

There are so many hosting companies out there and they’re not all going to be equally good for your blog.

The key things you’re going to want to watch out for when you’re searching for a hosting company are the security they offer, the speed, support, and the features.

If you don’t see that there’s a good track record for the company it may not be worth using them.

3. Using A Forgettable Blog Name

Do you ever see a good article in a blog and want to recommend it to a friend?

When you do so, you would typically forward them a link to that blog — but what if you’re having an actual conversation in person or on the phone?

“Hey, I read a great article in…” and if the name of the blog isn’t good and memorable, chances are it will be forgotten.

You should choose a name for your blog that people are not going to forget and yet which relate to the main subject of your blog.

4. Choosing Topics That Aren’t Interesting

The way that you drive an audience to your blog rests partially in having them finding your blog, but keeping them there is largely about having interesting topics.

It is worth mentioning that just because you think something is interesting as a topic, that doesn’t mean that most people will.

Of course the difficulty here is that if a subject is new enough, you’re not going to know if people will be interested in it unless you test it out.

The best thing to do is to test out new topics periodically but then sticking to tried and true subjects that people enjoy reading.

5. Being Unfocused In Your Writing

It’s important when you’re writing your blog articles to stay focused on the subject at hand and not stray too much from it.

For example, if you’re writing an article about techniques for staining your kitchen cabinets, you may think of a story.

It may be a story about how your great aunt used to have stained kitchen cabinets, which is great, but don’t write about it for two pages.

Stay focused on your subject and don’t make the articles you write drift so much that people lose interest in what you write.

6. Having No Schedule

Your blog should be published on a somewhat regular basis — in that people should know that every Tuesday, they’ll see a new post from you.

It doesn’t have to be every Tuesday of course — you might publish every Wednesday, or even bi-weekly — so long as you stick to it.

If your blog is published approximately whenever you feel like it, people aren’t going to know when they can expect new content from you.

By having an irregular schedule, you’re going to eventually lose readers who would want to have a more regularly posted blog.

7. Not Backing Up Your Claims With Evidence

Lastly, if you’re going to be sometimes making claims in your articles, it’s important to back up these claims with evidence.

Let’s take paint color, for example — say you write an article about seven colors that help sell a house better.

You can’t just write such an article based on what you think would work — you actually have to have evidence on your side.

Evidence in this case would be showing statistics of homes that were sold that had those colors, or even explaining why those colors helped to sell homes.

Quick Recap:

1. It’s a good idea to use WordPress, and to make sure you use the right WordPress theme — one that’s simple to customize and has a good layout

2. A great looking blog will mean nothing if you aren’t hosted well so use a good hosting company

3. After people enjoy one of your blog articles, will they return? Make sure to use a memorable blog name

4. If you’re going to want people to regularly read your blog, it’s helpful to choose topics that are interesting

5. You should stick to the topic about which you are writing — in other words, to be focused in your writing

6. People will look forward to your posts if they know you have a schedule

7. It’s fine to write about specific subjects but it’s better if you back up your claims with evidence like statistics showing that a certain color sells homes better, etc.