Grow Your Painting Blog to 100k+ Monthly Visitors By Implementing This

Grow Your Painting Blog to 100k+ Monthly Visitors By Implementing This

There are about 242,000 painting businesses in the US alone.

However, only a small percentage of them actually know the power behind having a blog!

So before they all hop on the trend…

you need to optimize your blog to establish your company as the expert in your area.

If you implement this, you can grow your blog to 100k+ monthly visitors.

1. Create Better Content Online

The first thing you should know about growing your blog is that, generally speaking, you should be creating better content online.

If you look at a lot of blogs online, they are copies of one another and will sometimes offer absolutely nothing new that hasn’t been said already a hundred times before.

The key to creating better content online is to start with good ideas as far as subjects go and then research the subjects well.

Once you have done this you will be able to write a well written blog that is bound to get more visitors every month.

2. Keep People On Your Site

Linking people to other sites is a good thing of course as it will help you explain the subjects about which you are blogging, to a certain extent.

The problem comes when you rely too much on external sites and put a lot of them in your blog you will be sending people away from your blog.

Even if you have to link away from your site, what you can do is to write new articles later on the subjects that you had linked to.

You can then go back to your older articles and link to your new articles so that you can keep people on your blog.

Here is a video tutorial on getting visitors to stay on your site longer:


3. Get Guest Writers

As a blog owner, it’s sometimes going to seem like a bit of a struggle to get enough blog articles written in a timely manner.

This can especially be the case if you have so much else going on, like running your business and the like.

Something that you can do to help with this is to get guest writers to write for your blog, which will help both of you.

It will help you in that you will have one fewer blog to write for that month, which will give you more time.

It will also help the guest writer, in that the writer gets the opportunity to get their writing out there.

4. First, Write About Good Subjects, Then Worry About Keywords

If your approach to writing blog posts is to think about what keywords are popular first without any other approach, you may want to reconsider.

It’s actually more important to first write about subjects that are good and only then think about how keywords can work with those subjects.

The problem with writing because you find good keywords is that it won’t lead to good blog articles — just ones that might be more popular in search engines.

Of course, just being found won’t do you much good if the article isn’t particularly interesting.

5. Set And Track Blog Goals

As a painting contractor, your blog is going to be there for a lot of reasons but likely booking more clients is a big one.

It’s a good idea to both set and track goals that you will be able to use to see how well your blogs are helping.

An example would be to see how many people request estimates for your services every month.

You can look at the number before you start blogging better and then track the number over time and so see what you need to improve to boost that number.

6. Organize Your Content Publishing Well

Lastly, it’s important that you keep your content publishing organized — so you know what you are going to publish and when.

The key to having a good painting blog is to not just write about what you want when you want, but to make a schedule and stick to it.

You should not only know when your own blog posts are going to be published and about what, but also your future guest blogs.

Quick Recap:

1. In order to start getting more monthly visitors, you’re going to need to create better content online — not just copies of what other people have but well researched well written pieces.

2. If a lot of your blogs link to other sites, you shouldn’t be too surprised that you end up losing visitors — try to write enough original content that you can link to yourself and keep people on your site.

3. Get guest writers for your blog so you don’t have to carry the whole load of writing the blog yourself — as long as the quality remains high of course.

4. Don’t write based on what keywords are popular — start by writing about good subjects, and only then make sure you have good keywords for those subjects.

5. To make sure that what you are doing is actually helping you, set and track blog goals such as a certain number of referred paint jobs, etc.

6. Lastly, it’s fundamental to doing well in growing your painting blog to organize your content publishing — you should know when your blog will be published, how often you’ll have guests, etc.