7 Tips For Improving Your Painting Blog Credibility in 2021

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7 Tips For Improving Your Painting Blog Credibility in 2021

On average, a person spends only 37 seconds reading/scanning a blog post before they end up moving on to the next thing that catches their eye.

On top of that, if they don’t actually believe that what they’re reading is true,

that 37 seconds may be significantly shorter…

In order to stay above average, it’s critical that you establish yourself as the credible industry leading expert in your area.

Let’s look at 7 tips for improving your painting blog credibility in 2021:

1. Improve The Design

One way that you can start improving the credibility of your painting blog is to improve the overall design of the blog.

Depending on how long you have had your blog, it may well be overdue for a design update.

If you think about it, it makes sense – if your blog looks like a ten year old could make it, who would trust what is written?

Even if this means outsourcing your blog design to a professional, it will be worth it in the long run.

2. Get Guest Posts

As nice as it is to stick to posting only articles that you have written on your blog, sometimes a guest post is a good idea.

By having guest posts on your blog, you can show outside voices that support your general message.

Having guest posts is also good for you in that it takes a little pressure off of you to write every single article.

Most of all, having the guest posts there is a good show that your blog is credible.

The more people recognize the name of the person that writes your guest posts, of course, the better.

It’s pretty surprising how easily you can get guest posts — sometimes all you have to do is send an email!

In your email to the possible author, explain what your blog is about and why you’d like them to write a post.

3. Write The Blog Well

One thing that’s going to turn people off of your blog in terms of credibility and in general is poor writing.

All it can take is using the word there instead of the word their even once and you’ll raise a little doubt.

Someone will see a mistake like that one and think, “If they make that kind of a mistake, can I really believe what they’ve written?”

If you are really worried that you may have let some basic mistakes in that you won’t catch, there are services that can help.

These services, like the paid service Grammerly, go through your post and find every mistake you may have missed.

Here is a video that talks about free alternatives to Grammerly that help you find your typing mistakes:

4. Be Knowledgeable About Your Posts

More than just being written well, it  is important that you write about what you know in your blog.

Of course since your blog is going to be mostly about your painting work, you may think this should be easy enough.

The thing is that you have to remember that while you know what you are doing very well, your readers won’t.

It’s up to you to show them that you know what you are talking about by explaining each topic so that they understand.

If by the end of the blog article the reader feels like they understand the topic, they will be more likely to believe in you as the writer.

5. The Benefits Of Membership

As a painting contractor, you may be aware of a number of organizations to which you can belong that support you.

These are organizations like the Painting Contractors Association, which offers education and more.

It’s a good idea to have badges from these organizations in the general design of your blog.

These show that you are accepted among professional contractors who know what they are doing.

As such, they will be more likely to put credibility into your writing.

You can additionally mention membership in these organizations in your blogs as this further shows your connection.

6. Interact With People Who Comment

With any given post that you make, you are going to see comments from people, some who want more information.

Though there’s no hard rule about what’s a good time period to respond to comments, you definitely should at some point.

When you respond to comments, you show the people who have commented that you care about what they wrote.

This is especially true when they make the time to ask you questions about what you wrote, or just for advice.

In some cases you can even help yourself out by providing a link to another one of your blog articles.

By doing this you are helping your blog with SEO and also helping establish the credibility of your blog.

7. Post Consistently

Lastly, you should make sure to post on a consistent basis and to keep some kind of a regular schedule.

The importance of this is that people tend to connect having at least some schedule to being more believable.

Posting about whatever you want whenever you want may seem like a good idea but it doesn’t make for good blogging habits.

Whether this means that you post on certain dates of the month or certain days of the week, choose something and stick to it.

Your reward will be a growing audience that feels your blog is more credible.

Quick Recap

1. A poorly designed blog doesn’t look credible – improve the design of your blog and improve the credibility at the same time

2. Get guest posts, as people like to see blogs that have guest posts as it lends credibility to the blog, especially if you get a known author to contribute

3. You have to write your blog well meaning ensure that you have writing that is free of basic errors – errors take away from your credibility

4. To really improve your blog’s credibility, be knowledgeable about your posts – it will show in the writing

5. Get to be a member of prominent organizations that recognize what you know as a painter – and be sure to periodically mention your membership in your writing

6. When people comment on your blogmake sure to interact with them – it shows your readers you can be trusted

7. Whether you are posting once a week or once a month, post consistently as people will trust that you will always return with fresh content