7 Effective Local Advertising Ideas For Your Painting Business

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7 Effective Local Advertising Ideas For Your Painting Business

Did you know that 46% of online searches are “proximity-based”?


In other words, people want to know what is closest to them.


As you know, it wouldn’t be helpful to you if someone across the country found you…


But with some local advertising on the other hand, you’ll be able to find your target market.


Let’s look at 7 effective advertising ideas for your painting business:

1. Advertise On The Local News Site

Though a lot of people get their news nowadays through national news sites, plenty more rely on their local news.

This is particularly true because people like to know what is happening in their area.

There are few places better than a local news site to inform people on this kind of news.

You can take advantage of this attention by advertising on the local news sites.

The advertisements that you place there will make special mention of where you are located.

2. Create Local Listings And Verify Them

Local listings are another key to getting more people to be aware of your painting business.

By creating and then verifying local listings (in a number of different places) you’ll end up getting found by more search engines.

There are two ways you can go about creating a number of local business listings – manually and with a service.

To create local listings manually you’ll have to find them – here is a list of some local business listing sites.

You can also hire a company to create local business listings for you – this will cost a bit but will save you time overall.

Here’s a tutorial on how to create local business listings:

3. Make Sure Your Google My Business Listing Is Correct

If you don’t have a Google My Business listing created, you should do so immediately as it’s a powerful tool.

Google My Business will cost you nothing and help push your business when people are searching for painting contractors.

If you do have a Google My Business listing, you should look at the information there and see if it’s correct.

Information that Google My Business has includes where you are, your hours, what you do, etc.

4. Make Branded Content For The Local News

The local news is receptive to getting branded content to run along with their regular news content.

Branded content can be videos that you make that will teach viewers something but something more.

Specifically, you will be able to mention during the video who you are and what you do as a painting contractor!

Good branded content fits in well with the local news as people learn from it they’ll appreciate you.

5. Advertise In The Local Newspaper

Though you may believe that few people read the local print newspaper, this is not the case.

It’s true that there are fewer print readers now than in years past but those readers may respond to your ads better.

It’s possible that these readers will be older than those who only get their news online so adjust your ads with this information.

Talk about how you can help people with their painting needs and how you can work with them to get the job done well.

6. Create Educational Events

If there’s one thing that people will commonly respond well to, it’s fun local events.

It will take some of your valuable time, it’s worth setting up such a local event.

During the event, you can teach people about things related to house painting.

You can also of course tell them about what you do and hand out pamphlets with discounts on your painting services.

7. Advertise Through Direct Mail

Lastly, think about making use of direct mail to advertise your services as a painting contractor.

You can find people to whom to send your direct mail ads through companies that make targeted lists.

The people on the list can be based on things like people who have recently moved, income, and more.

Here is a video that will help you learn how to do direct mail marketing:

Quick Recap:

1. Advertise on the local news sites because that is where your future customers may well get their news

2. To get picked up by more search engines for local search, create local listings and verify them

3. Google My Business is important for your painting business — make sure your Google My Business listing is correct.

4. Make branded content for the news so people who look to watch the news can also find out about your painting business.

5. Advertise in the local newspaper to get the attention of possible customers who read the newspaper.

6. Create educational events that people will attend, get educated, and then want to hire you for their painting needs.

7. Advertise through direct mail to reach more possible clients