5 Best Practices For Using Facebook Poll Ads For Your Painting Business

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5 Best Practices For Using Facebook Poll Ads For Your Painting Business

When Facebook tested out poll ads, they found that they increased brand awareness in over half of their tests as compared to video ads.

Facebook poll ads are a great way to get information from future customers, to find out what they would like to see more of in your business.

After all, it has been shown that Facebook poll posts get more likes than any other kind of post.

Let’s look at 5 best practices for using Facebook Poll Ads for your painting business.

1. Keep Polls Short

I don’t know about what your experience is taking polls online, but mine tends to be that they can tend to be really long!

By the time I get to the third or fourth page of a poll, I’m already burnt out and I’m just looking to get through the poll as quickly as possible.

That means answering questions with whatever comes closest to how I feel without putting too much more effort into what I am doing… just to get the poll over with already.

When you are designing your own Facebook poll ads you should remember this and do your best to keep your polls short.

This means that your entire poll should be a total of maybe five questions total and no more.

The importance of this is not just that you’re going to have a short poll, but that each question is important since you have so few of them.

What that means for you is that you need to put thought into what you’re going to ask in your poll.

Here is a good guide to writing good questions for your poll.

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2. Design Videos For No Sound

The way that people watch video has changed so much over the last twenty or so years.

It used to be that people would only watch video on their televisions and that was because the quality of the video on their computers was so poor.

Compare that with the video of today — not only is video really good quality on computers, but everyone watches video on their phones.

Since so many people watch video on their phone in places where it would be rude to have the sound on, they leave the sound off.

With the sound off of videos playing don’t make any sense — unless the video maker adds captions to the video.

You can also use other text on the video so that you can communicate to the person watching without sound.

That all being said, you need to also remember that there are going to be some people who will be watching with the sound on.

For those people you’re going to want to make the video sound as good as possible, within reason and your budget of course.

At the very least you’re going to want to make sure that the audio sounds good when people are speaking, which can be done with at least decent microphones.

3. Use Vertical / Square Video

When people watch video on their television or in movie theaters, there’s only one way they watch it — horizontally.

When most people watch video on their phones, though — it’s a completely different story as vertical is the preferred way.

With that being the case, you’re not going to want to make your videos for your Facebook poll ads horizontal.

Doing so would make a lot of people turn off your video entirely.

There are two best ways that you can make video for people who are looking at your Facebook poll ad — vertical and square.

Both of these ways of making videos is good for people looking at their phones the way most people do — vertically.

It’s a lot easier to get people who are used to looking at videos horizontally to accept videos that are square or vertical than it is to do the reverse.

Here is a video tutorial on the best apps for making square videos for Facebook:

4. Avoid Begging For Certain Responses

There are certain things you should avoid asking people to do when you are doing a Facebook Poll ad, as it comes across as too desperate.

For one, it comes across as needy to ask the people that are taking your poll to like or have a reaction to it.

You’re also not going to want to ask people to share the poll with their friends — a poll is the kind of thing that people will naturally want to share without being asked.

Likewise, you should not ask people to tag their friends on the Facebook Poll ad.

Lastly, the thing you should absolutely never do is to ask people to vote in the form of a reaction, emoji, sharing, or other such things.

The whole point of the poll is that you’re going to be getting information from the people taking the poll.

By asking them to then ‘vote’ in some way that has nothing to do with just answering the question, you’re ruining the point of the poll.

Basically, the idea is that you are going to want to give out all of the information during the poll itself and video if you have one

You don’t want to try to get the person taking the poll to respond in a certain way by begging them to do so.


5. Get Meaningful Answers By Asking Meaningful Questions

When you are making these Facebook Poll ads, remember earlier we mentioned that you want to keep them as short as possible to keep interest.

Since that is going to be the case, the kinds of questions that you will ask are going to be answered meaningfully.

This means that the answers that you will be getting should not be just a simple yes or no to a question, but answers that really give you information about what the customer likes or dislikes or needs.

The thing is that you are not going to get meaningful answers to simple questions — you also have to ask questions that are just as deep, so to speak.

There are many settings that you can have for the kinds of questions you ask, and the best you can have is the text box.

The other types of questions — multiple choice, drop down, ranking, even a one to five scale — don’t cover more meaningful answers.

Only a text box will let a person who is taking the poll to give a good long answer that will tell you what they are thinking and help you as a painting contractor.

Here is a tutorial video by Tim Ferris on how to ask questions better:


Quick Recap :

1. To make sure that you don’t scare your audience with overly long polls that seem to drag on forever, keep polls short.

2. Since so many people watch videos with the sound off, design your videos with no sound in mind, having things like captions on.

3. Most people look at their phones vertically — make your videos vertical or square to look good on their phones

4. Begging doesn’t look good in person or online — avoid begging for certain responses or even asking them to vote with only emotions instead of words

5. If you’re going to want to get meaningful answers to your poll ads, you should ask meaningful questions — they tend to go hand in hand.