How to Grow Your Email List by Adding a Lead Generation Form to Your Painting Website

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How to Grow Your Email List by Adding a Lead Generation Form to Your Painting Website

74% of companies use lead generation forms, with 49.7% stating they’re the highest converting lead generation tool they have.

No matter what kind of business you have, building your email list is a MUST.

Of course, the more people you have on your e-mail list, the higher the chances of closing a sale.

A good way of growing your email list is by use of a lead generation form.

Here’s How to Add a Lead Generation Form to Your Painting Website:

1. Determine When & Where to Display the Form

Here are a few possibilities:

  • As soon as they get on your site, they see a pop-up of your lead generation form.

  • You can add an “in content” form, which displays in between your content as a content box.

  • You can also make it so that when someone is about to leave the web site, “exit intent” they will first see the lead generation form pop up before exiting.

2. Use a Mailchimp Plugin Like “MailChimp Forms” By MailMunch

MailChimp Forms By MailMunch is a simple to use plugin for getting a lead generation form customized on your site.

MailChimp Forms By MailMunch can be used on posts, pages, widget areas, etc…

Once you sign up for a free MailMunch account, you will be able to use the visual editor to create and place your form.

You get a choice of themes from which to choose for your form and then give the form a title.

You next choose what kinds of questions you will ask on the form.

Next, customize the form with what color you want the background to be and other appearance features.

You can also choose when your form will be displayed for people to fill out, be it when the site first loads or when the person is going to leave.

You can also indicate if you want the form to not show up the very first time a person visits the site.

For more information, here is a tutorial on adding forms to your WordPress site using this plugin:

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3. Offer An Incentive For People To Sign Up

One great way to get people to sign up on your email list is to give value.

For example, as a painting contractor, you can share some of your expertise and make a simple guide to something paint related.

That guide can be the thing you offer in exchange for people signing up for the mailing list.

DYB Coach’s “25 Questions a Painting Contractor Should Be Able to Answer ‘YES’ to Before Hiring” is a great one to use.

Here’s an example of a form we installed on Aspen Painting’s website:

Here is a video about generating leads through offering an incentive:

4. Ask For Email Address And Name

Your lead generation form doesn’t have to be overly complicated and have a ton of questions — you really only need the person’s name and email address.

Though the other questions you might have for them might be useful for your business, all you need to know are those two things.

With that information, you’ll be able to properly get people on your email list.