How To Use Google Discovery To Promote Your Painting Business in 2020

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How To Use Google Discovery To Promote Your Painting Business in 2020

Google ads are usually based on the words in a search query.

Google Discovery is different — in some ways it’s a little like Facebook advertising, letting you target your ads based on demographics instead.

Here’s how to use Google Discovery to promote your painting business in 2020:

1. Choosing The Right Discovery Format

There are two basic kinds of Google Discovery ads, and the type that you choose really depends on how you want to show off your painting business.

First, there is the standard Discovery ad, in which you will upload up to fifteen different images related to your business.

What Google will do is to test out these different images in ads with the text for the ad and the link that you provide.

They will be able to figure out which image is doing better than the others and then show that image more in your ads.

The second kind of Discovery ad is the Carousel ad, in which people will be able to look at all of the images you choose in a sort of carousel like format.

The big difference between this and the standard ad format is that people will always get to see all of your chosen photos.

All of the images that you choose for your Carousel ad have to be either all square or have a landscape format with a ratio of 1.91 to 1.

To me, square seems like a better fit considering how many people will be seeing these ads on their phones!

2. Making The Best Of Remarketing

The idea of remarketing is that you are showing ads to someone who has already had some contact with you.

This could be someone who has been to your site but then left, or even someone that previously used your services.

The kind of ad that you would show to someone who has some understanding of your website is a bit different than what you’d show someone who knows nothing.

Here is a brief tutorial on how to best re-market from Neil Patel:

3. Target By Demographic

When you run a Google Discovery ad, you can choose to have the ad only show to people of certain demographics to better get to an audience you want seeing it.

As a professional painting contractor, you wouldn’t want kids to see your ad – they’re not getting their kitchen cabinets repainted!

You can also target based on whether someone owns a home or not.

This might be good if you provide exterior or interior paint services as a homeowner may be more interested in hiring you than a renter.

4. Choosing The Right Times

Google Discovery allows you to choose the specific times that your ad is shown.

This can be useful as you can choose to show your ad only during the time of the day that you are available for contact.

Being there when they see the ad means that you know that if the person seeing the ad clicks on a chat button, someone will be likely there to respond to their questions.

Here is a video tutorial on showing ads only during certain hours.

5. Let Google Maximize Conversions

Lastly, if you are unsure of what you are doing and want to let Google take control, you can actually set it up so that Google maximizes your conversions.

Google advises that if you have a smaller budget that you try to use Google Discovery this way, as they will get you as many conversions as possible for the lowest price to you.

Google also advises that you allow at least two weeks for an ad to run to let it work out how it will best reach your audience.

For more information on how to use Google Discovery, here’s a full tutorial on creating a Google Discovery ad:

Quick Recap:

1. You’ll need to choose the right Discovery Format -whether you want your Google Discovery ad to show a standard one-photo ad or a carousel of multiple images etc…

2. Use remarketing to help people who have previously interacted with your site to remember you and the services you provide as a painting contractor.

3. Target your Discovery ad by demographic — For example, you can show your ad only to homeowners.

4. To make sure that you get a better click through rate, choose the right times for your ads to be shown.

5. If all of this seems a bit tricky, you can allow Google Discovery to make its own choices to maximize conversions by changing the settings your ad uses until it gets a better click through rate.