7 Things You Should Know About Using Facebook To Get Testimonials in 2020

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7 Things You Should Know About Using Facebook To Get Testimonials in 2020

Proving that you do good quality work is a great way to find new customers.

You can use Facebook to get testimonials, and in a time when more and more people rely on social media for information, it’s a great source for your testimonials.

Here are 7 things you should know about using Facebook to get testimonials in 2020:

1. Use Your Client’s Headshot in Their Testimonial Post

When you have testimonials from your customers, a great way to get even more testimonials and boost your business is to use their images in Facebook posts.

It’s good for people who might become customers as they see real people who liked your service enough to give testimonials.

For your existing customers, it is incentive enough to give a testimonial to possibly be featured in a Facebook post by you.

Here is how a law firm used a client’s image to share her testimonial:

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2. Get Testimonials via Online Video Contests

One easy way to get testimonials from your customers is to hold video contests.

In these contests, you will basically tell people to record their own videos and then send them to you to enter.

Since it’s quite a bit of effort to get your customers to make a video and submit it to you, offer some kind of prize for the top video submission.

Once you have the submissions, you can pick from among them and use the best to help promote your business.

Here’s a tutorial on running Facebook contests:

3. The Social Proof Is In The Pudding

Social proof may sound tricky but it basically means you are proving what you are saying is true.

As a painting contractor, what this means to you is if you say that you paint kitchen cabinets, you prove it with pictures and video.

When you get finished with a kitchen cabinet painting job, for example, you can ask the client if it’s okay to take photos and video of the work you did.

4. Just Ask

Believe it or not, one of the fastest ways to get a testimonial from your customers is to just ask for it!

Let’s say that you finished a paint job for a client and you both agree that it turned out really well.

Maybe wait a little bit, perhaps a few days, and then message the customer with the request.

It doesn’t even have to be a long or complicated message — you can say that you enjoyed working with them, and would they mind sending you a testimonial?

Here are some testimonial request templates you can use to ask your customers for testimonials.

5. Ask The Right Questions To Get Better Testimonials

There are so many questions you can ask a customer in trying to get a testimonial but you’re not going to want to use any question that can be answered with yes or no.

The kinds of questions you should ask are the deeper questions — the kind that require some longer response.

Think about the difference between asking “Did you like our service?” and “What did you like about our service?”

Just asking if someone liked your service will get a quick yes or no — but asking what they liked will get a good explanation that can be used for a testimonial.

Here’s a video tutorial on asking the right questions to your customers:

6. Make Sure You Ask At The Right Time

As painting contractors, you provide a service for your customers — painting the interior and exterior of their home, etc…

When you are looking to ask for a testimonial, you should make sure that you get the timing right — this may not be immediately after finishing.

The time to ask for a testimonial may be after you’ve given your client enough time to experience and enjoy your work.

7. Mobile Optimize Your Request Page

Lastly, if you are using a website to get customer testimonials, you should make sure the page you send people to is mobile friendly.

Firstly, make sure you aren’t asking people to fill out too many fields — it’s a lot to ask someone on their phone.

Second, make sure that the text is clear and easy to read even on a phone.

Lastly, remember to have enough white space around your text so that your request reads better.

If you use responsive design, you know that your page will look good no matter how people look at your page.

Quick Recap:

1. To entice future testimonials, use your client’s headshot in your testimonial posts.

2. To incentivize your clients to send you video testimonials, run a contest.

3. Show that you can provide the service you promise, with social proof — photos and videos of your work with your customers talking about how happy they are with it.

4. You can get testimonials on Facebook by simply reaching out to your customers and asking them for it!

5. You should make sure to ask the right questions to get better quality testimonials — questions that will get longer and more detailed answers.

6. Ask for a testimonial at the right time –the time to ask for a testimonial may be after you’ve given your client enough time to experience and enjoy your work.