7 Tips To Improve Your Google Ads Campaign ROI

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7 Tips To Improve Your Google Ads Campaign ROI

Google Ads convert 50% better than organic search results.

When you run a Google Ads campaign, you obviously want to make sure that you spend your money as efficiently as possible.

So I’ve Put Together 7 Tips to Improve Your Google Ads Campaign ROI:

1. Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are the keywords that you do not want to be in someone’s search when they see your ad.

If you provide kitchen cabinet painting services, for example, but don’t want to associate yourself with the word ‘cheap’, you can add that to the “negative keyword list.”

After adding a keyword like that to your negative keyword list, a person searching for “cheap kitchen cabinet painting’ would not find your ad.

Here’s an example of Negative Keywords in use:

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2. A/B Split Testing For Best Results

Google allows for you to do what they call content experiments — you can make different versions of your ad.

The differences to the ad could be something as simple as changing the wording of your headline or even the color of your button.

Then Google will see which of the different versions does better, and ultimately use those better versions.

Here is a tutorial for how to do A/B Split Testing using Google Ads:

3. Landing Page

When people click on the ad you run, you don’t want them to just go straight to your company’s homepage — will that get them to want to use your services?

Instead, look for one of the pages on your site that best explains what you do and why they should use your services.

Here is a great guide to making landing pages with lots of examples of well made landing pages.

4. Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion

When people see an ad, what’s one thing that will make them want to click on that ad?

Seeing the words that they searched for in the first place will get their attention — and possibly their click.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion will take the keywords that people search for and insert them right into your ads, giving you a substantial edge over people who do not ever use them.

5. Track Conversion

If you want to improve your Google Ads Campaign , it’s important to see how your ads are converting.

You will need a tag generated from Google Ads, which will then go onto your web site, hidden in the code.

If you need help doing this, you will need to consult the person or people who help you run your website.

The best tutorial on the web comes directly from Google and can be found here.

6. Boost Your Quality Score

Quality score refers to how Google rates your ad based on a number of things including landing page quality, how relevant your ad text is, the click through rate, and more.

By improving any or all of these factors, you will improve your quality score which will then lead to Google putting your ad into a higher position.

The higher the position on Google, the more likely you will be to get clicks and therefore a better ROI.

7. Limit When Your Ad Runs

If your ad is running at all hours of the day and night, who knows who is going to be seeing the ad — and will those people be interested in your services?

It could be that the people most likely to use your services will be conducting searches for them during working hours, so you should choose those hours for your Google Ad.

On the other hand, you might want to advertise only on weekends as this may be when people are thinking of how they can improve their home through painting it.

Here is a good video tutorial on setting an ad schedule with Google Ads:

Quick Recap:

1. To get the right people to your ad, add negative keywords to your negative keyword list to filter out the people who are not relevant to what you do with your business, like those looking to get services for free, cheap, or discounted.

2. To get better ads online, run A/B split testing which runs two different versions of your ad at the same time and lets you see which performs better.

3. Create better landing pages so that people who click on your ad stay on your site and ultimately request an estimate (see blog for guide).

4. Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion so that people searching will see their keywords in the ad and be inclined to click (see blog).

5. Use Google’s built in tool to track conversions and adjust your ads accordingly.

6. Get better ad positioning by boosting your quality score, which will lead to more clicks (see blog for explanation).

7. Get clicks from an audience more likely to use your service when you limit what times of day your ad runs.