5 Tips to Rank Your Painting Website on Google

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5 Tips to Rank Your Painting Website on Google

With all of the multi-billion dollar companies that seem to dominate Google, you might feel discouraged at the thought of ranking your painting website…

But, it absolutely CAN be done, and your website doesn’t need a ton of content or backlinks, either.

Here Are 5 Tips to Rank Your Painting Website on Google:

1. Match Your Domain Name To The Service You Provide

Matching your domain name to the service you are providing can be an excellent way to rank your painting website on Google.

An example of this would be if you specialize in painting kitchen cabinets and operate out of Detroit, Michigan.

A domain that you could register for yourself would be kitchencabinetpainterdetroitmichigan.com

It looks funny, but it works!

It can be found that even a misspelled variation of the name will get you more visitors as you’ll reach the people who misspell the keywords.

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2. Connect One On One With Your Customers

Another way to rank your painting website on Google is to connect one on one with your customers.

To start, you’re going to want to always respond to the comments that your customers or possible future customers leave for you on any and all social media.

Even if this comes in the form of someone commenting on a blog post with a question about one of your services, you should respond with as much detail as you can.

Always respond to comments, even if the comments seem to be negative toward you.

Similarly, make sure that you have live chat set up on your site so that people connect with you or your team directly.

3. Use Long-Tail Keywords

The use of long-tail keywords is another way to rank your painting website on Google, as the larger companies out there tend to ignore them.

Long-tail keywords are keywords that are more specific — the more specific, the better.

A good example of a long-tail keyword is “latex paint over laminate kitchen cabinets” because it is far more specific than “paint on kitchen cabinets.”

It’s even more specific than “painting kitchen cabinets.”

If you need help generating your own long-tail keywords, you can go to Ubersuggest.

long tail keyword

Ubersuggest works by taking a keyword and generating variations on the keyword as well as long-tail versions of the keyword.

Here’s a tutorial on choosing long-tail keywords:

4. Focus On Your Niche

The next suggestion for ranking your painting website on Google is to focus your content on your niche specialties.

Google tends to prefer ranking sites that share a lot about specific specialties rather than sites that are all over the place and broad.

If you are a painting contractor who does kitchen cabinets as well as interiors and exteriors of homes but no commercial work, focus on those three things.

You can focus the bulk of the blog articles on your site on content strictly related to those three.

Focusing on your niche will allow you to connect better with your customers, much better than larger companies that go all over the place with what they do.

5. Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

With as many people who are out there looking at the web on their phones, you want to make sure your site is mobile friendly!

Google puts a priority on sites that are mobile-friendly because they know that over 50% of searches are done on mobile devices.

Make sure that your site is responsive and loads fast — you can use a service like Cloudflare to help speed up your site load time.

Google also has tools that will help pinpoint why your site has loading issues.

Here’s a video tutorial on getting your WordPress site to load faster:

Quick Recap:

  1. Match your domain name to the service you provide so that Google will pick up on that and boost your search ranking.
  2. To stand out from larger companies who don’t connect to their customers, connect one on one with your customers including people who leave comments on your posts, videos, whether they are positive or negative.
  3. Since shorter and less specific keywords tend to be used by nearly everyone, use long-tail keywords to stand out from the crowd — and help the customers who are searching for such specific keywords.
  4. Don’t just put any sort of content on your painting website — focus on your niche specialty as Google rewards sites that have fewer specialties but are laser-focused on that content.
  5. If you haven’t done so already for other reasons, make sure that your site is mobile friendly as Google rewards mobile-friendly sites by pushing them up in their search ranking — more than 50% of searches are done on mobile devices!