7 Tips For Using LinkedIn To Market Your Painting Business

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7 Tips For Using Linkedin To Market Your Painting Business

If you’re looking to expand your marketing reach beyond Facebook and Instagram, consider using LinkedIn.

It’s a good spot to market your painting business being that it’s social media specifically for business.

Here are 7 tips for using Linkedin to market your painting business

1. Keep Your Posts Professional

When people go onto LinkedIn they aren’t looking for silly distractions or even personal things.

They’re looking for business related connections and ways to better themselves in business.

When you post using your LinkedIn page, you are going to want to make sure that your posts are business related.

These can be posts about services that you offer or even photos of work you’ve done in the past.

You should post about twenty times a month on average, which works out to be about once for every business day of the week.

This is great because people will usually log onto LinkedIn during the business week.

Here is a great blog post example from Paper Moon Painting:

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2. Use The LinkedIn Badge On Your Website

A good way to get people to find your LinkedIn page is to put the LinkedIn badge on your painting website.

It’s a symbol that people are familiar with, and once clicked, it’ll take them straight to your profile page where they can see all of your company posts, testimonials, etc…

Instructions on how to get the Badge on your own website can be found here:

3. Make Connections With The Right People

There is a hard limit on how many connections you can make on LinkedIn, so you should be selective about who you choose to connect with.

When you’re looking at a prospective connection on LinkedIn, it’s good to ask yourself if the person has any relation to your industry or field of expertise.

Once you have connections in LinkedIn, you’re going to want to use the endorsement feature to tell other people about the skills that your connections have.

By endorsing people on LinkedIn you will get endorsements in return, which makes your profile look better.

4. Make Good Use Of LinkedIn Keywords

The proper use of keywords is useful in boosting your exposure on search engines, and it is definitely worth using to boost exposure for your LinkedIn Profile as well.

Places keywords can go that are relevant to your niche include your profile, your headline, and posts that you make.

Here is a tutorial about keywords you will not want to use on your LinkedIn profile:


5. Make Your URL Memorable

The URL that you can set up to help people get to your profile can be changed to anything you want, and you can change it up to five times in a 180 day period.

It is not recommended that you change it that often, of course, as you will have to change your URL everywhere you have it listed each time.

The URL you choose should be something that is memorable – if a person can remember it without writing it down, they’ll easily find your page.

6. Ask For Referrals On LinkedIn

Among the contacts that you have on LinkedIn that were clients, it can be quite useful to ask for referrals.

You can message your previous customers and dialogue with them about the work that you did and ask them if they can refer you to other possible clients.

Here is a guide to getting a referral from your LinkedIn connections.

7. Use The Showcase Page Feature

You can get a lot out of using the Showcase Page feature on LinkedIn — you can show off the work that you’ve done in the past which represents your best work.

To do this, you will first identify the page that you want to get its own Showcase Page and click on Create a Showcase Page.

You can then follow the instructions there to create your ideal Showcase Page — more images is better in this case.

Quick Recap:

1. As LinkedIn is meant for business related things only, keep your posts professional – this is the wrong place for kitten videos and memes.

2. To help people find your LinkedIn page, put a LinkedIn badge on your painting website.

3. As you have a small limit to how many connections you have, make connections with the right people and not just any stranger you find online.

4. Boost your following by using LinkedIn keywords.

5. To make sure that people can find you, make your URL memorable.

6. Among your past clients, ask for referrals on LinkedIn to help your future clients see why you’re a good fit.

7. Show off your best painting work by creating and using the showcase page feature.