7 Engagement Driven Social Media Posts for Painting Contractors

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7 Engagement Driven Social Media Posts for Painting Contractors

Hey Painting contractors! Looking for ideas of posts that will get engagement from your followers and potential customers?

You don’t have to limit your social media posting to only things related to painting…

Your social media posts can be about a number of topics that will help get engagement!

Here are 7 engagement driven social media posts for painting contractors:

1. Contests

Contests are a great way to get people to not only comment (which boosts engagement) but to tag their friends.

What you do is post some sort of challenge– you say “all you need to do to enter is like this post and tag two friends.”

By doing this you get a number of likes and exposure to all of the people who see the post.

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2. Funny Posts

Funny posts tend to get a lot of traction because people see them and laugh.

Their first instinct after this laugh is to want to share the post with friends.

When you post particularly funny posts, you can count on your social media followers to tag friends and comment their thoughts.

3. GIF prompt

People love expressing themselves with GIFs — they’re like little bursts of animation that last a few seconds.

Social Media posts that ask people to respond to the post with a GIF as the answer tend to get a lot of engagement because of how popular GIFs are.

Take for example this post I made in January asking people to share their favorite movie of all time using only a GIF as the response — 55 total comments!

Not having words to respond but only a brief moving image makes the audience have to think of the appropriate GIF that captures the meaning of their answer.

Another idea for a GIF Prompt is to have what people have come to call a GIF Battle, or a GIF War.

A GIF Battle is where you pose two different things and tell people to vote for one of them using a GIF.

They’re usually things that people are passionate about one of them or the other but not usually both — like Harry Potter VS Lord Of The Rings, or The Beatles VS Elvis!

The great thing about this kind of GIF Prompt is that it gets people really to want to comment so that their choice wins.

4. Caption This Photo

Caption This posts are often comical but more importantly they get your social media followers to comment!

You post a vague photo that could have multiple meanings depending on how it is interpreted and ask your followers to caption it.

If you really want to get people engaged, you can get them to be more interested by offering things as simple as a gift card to Starbucks with more ‘entries’ if they tag their friends.

5. Ask A Question

Asking a question to your audience is a direct way to get comments — and you don’t even have to ask questions about your painting business.

You can ask the kinds of  questions that get people to think — questions about what they like and don’t like, and even more profound ones like this one I asked last December.

6. Throwback Thursday

A good way to really show off who you are on a personal level is a Throwback Thursday post.

In Throwback Thursday posts, you can share old photos of you or your business as you were years or in some cases decades ago.

Throwback Thursday posts also let you ask your followers questions about what they were doing in that time period and encourage them to comment and share.

If you want a good example of a fun Throwback Thursday, check out this great Instagram post from Star Wars:

7. Post A Poll

If you really want to know what your social media followers are thinking and want to boost your engagement, post a poll.

Polls get people to comment and of course respond to the polls, and even tag their friends who they think may be interested.

Here is a good tutorial for making interactive polls with Instagram Stories:

Check out how we automated “Sir Paints a Lot” social media for life, and quadrupled his engagement.

Quick Recap:

1. Hold contests — you can ask your followers to do something as simple as liking and sharing your post to enter.

2. Get your social media fans laughing and commenting with funny posts

3. Use GIF prompts to get people thinking about a question and leaving thoughtful and funny answers in the form of a GIF — which translates to high engagement!

4. Use a caption this photo to get major engagement from your followers

5. Get to know your fans by asking questions and responding to the answers, engaging with your audience further.

6. Share your own history by posting a Throwback Thursday post with vintage photos of you or your business.

7. Get to know your audience better by posting a poll.