Save Hours of Time Training New Painters With Your Own Painter Training Site

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Save Hours of Time Training New Painters With Your Own Painter Training Site

Many painters receive next to no training before they begin working full time as painters and are expected to learn on the job.

With the various hazards that can be associated with painting, it’s essential that painters that work for you get trained well.

You can save hours of time training new painters with your own painter training site:

There are plenty of ways to teach a new painter on all of these different aspects, but you don’t often see them gathered together.

On the painter trainer site we’ll create for you, you can find topics ranging from onboarding materials, safety training, painting basics, interior painting, exterior painting, and more.

Take a look at the demo site: DYB Virtual Painter Training Site

It consists of 5 sections:

  1. Onboarding material
  2. Safety Training
  3. Painting Basics Training
  4. Interior Painting Training
  5. Exterior Painting Training

#1 Home Page

Home: this page displays your logo, company name, a background of your choice, and buttons linking to each training course.


#2 Onboarding Page

Onboarding: I-9 Form, W-4 Form, and other legal docs, a form to submit contact info and emergency info, employee handbook, mission statement, position agreements, video tutorials for Group Me, T-Sheets, and ClockShark.

#3 Saftey Training Page

Safety Training: 14 safety training videos and a quiz at the end.

One way that you could approach training is to have your painter learn about techniques through videos and then practice them in person.

If they get it right, great — and if they need help, between your expertise and rewatching videos you can get them to learn it better.

#4 Painting Basics Page

Painting Basics: 8 painting basic training videos and a quiz at the end.

Here you can see a couple of basic things that a painter needs to know — how to hold a paint brush and what paint brush to use.

Of course watching videos will not be and cannot be a substitute for the hands on practice your new painters will get.

That being said, having access to some basic painter training videos will get your painters started on knowing how to paint and what to do.

#5 Interior Painting Page

Interior Painting: 6 interior painting training videos and a quiz at the end.

Here’s an overview of the interior painting section:


#6 Exterior Painting Page

Exterior Painting: 16 exterior painting training videos and a quiz at the end.

Here you can see an overview of the exterior painting section:


To be sure your painter in training hasn’t skipped through any of the videos, you can measure their understanding through the quiz supplied at the end of each page.


Click here to check out the quizzes at the bottom of each page.

Check out our demo site here.

Get a Painter Training Site Built for your Painting Company! Click here to get started.

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