7 Benefits of “Google My Business” for Your Painting Business

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7 Benefits of “Google My Business” for Your Painting Business

40% of users that conduct a search on Google don’t click on a single thing on the results page.

What does this mean for your painting business?

This means you need to get on the first page of Google as quickly as possible!

Fortunately, Google has provided a tool that helps you do exactly that.

If you’re not already taking advantage of the free, Google My Business listing for your painting business, you’re missing out on quite a lot…

Recently Google has put the Google My Business listings on the top of the page above every other result:


What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free platform that enables companies to influence their appearance on Google.

Think of it as a social media channel but on Google.

Previously, information was maintained through Google services such as Google Plus and Google Maps; but now they’re all grouped into “Google My Business”.

Through the Google My Business Dashboard, you can control how you present your painting business on Google.

In this guide, I’ll share some benefits of listing your painting business on Google My Business:

1. Use Google My Business to Increase Local Visibility

Did you know that more than a third of all searches on Google have a “local” reference?

For example, “Gas station near me” or “Painting contractor in Austin, TX”.

More and more users are looking for information about services and products within a certain radius.

Google considers the location of the user when displaying search results. 

Painting businesses rely on local SEO, which is why Google My Business is a no brainer being that it’s free!

Here’s how to set it up:


2. Get Your Painting Business into Google’s Local “3-Pack”

When searching for a place, you may have noticed how the top three results come from Google Map locations.

These are known as “Google’s Local 3-pack.”

In this pack, 3 search results matching the location and the search query of the user are displayed. 

The Google Local Pack will appear directly below the paid ads (Google Ads). 

For instance, Google Local Pack for the search term “painting contractor near me” will show you a map with marked locations of the top three painting contractors in your area, plus their contact information and opening/closing hours. 

If you are placed among the top 3 positions, needless to say, you will receive incredibly more traffic. 

For you to get on this list of the top 3, you need a well-maintained and regularly updated Google My Business listing.

The order of displayed businesses and companies in the Google Local Pack is determined by what Google considers “relevant” to the search query.  

Google occasionally changes the number of entries displayed in this top listing but at the moment it is about three.

The user has to click on “More businesses” for more suggestions in the area. 

Previously, up to 7 locations were displayed in the Local Pack (7-pack).

3. Stand Out From the Other Painting Businesses in Your Area

Anyone who uses the potential of the Internet to reach out to new customers relies on placing their products and services on top of Google Search result pages.

If you’re not listing your painting business on Google My Business, your competitors are one step ahead of you. 

Your Google My Business description provides a preview of helpful information to your potential customers. 

By regularly displaying before and after pictures of projects you’ve completed, you’ll be on top of your competitors, the majority of whom only list their services and don’t keep their posts updated.

4. Displays Useful Information

Google My Business offers you a spot to showcase the most important information in your business, which can be instantly seen by people interested in your painting services. 

Up-to-date, useful information for your customers will be displayed anytime a user is searching for terms related to your services. 

Some of the information includes:

  • Busy Periods 
  • Hours of operation
  • Before & After Photos
  • Directions
  • Brief description of your business
  • ”Call now” button (for mobile users)

5. Good Reviews Gain Trust With Your Customers

Reviews help your prospects to get a positive impression of your company. 

With your Google My Business Profile, satisfied customers can rate it on a scale of 1-5 and even add a comment!

Google My Business reviews are probably the most trusted reviews out there in addition to Better Business Bureau reviews and ratings. 

As long as you’re delivering the best painting services, your positive reviews will start to accumulate and will be able to influence more potential buyers. 

Find out what your customers say about you online and respond directly to them.

AND… you can also showcase your high Google My Business ratings on social media and other platforms to earn more trust and influence. 

6. Free Advertising

Thanks to Google My Business, you will be able to promote your business for free.

Your information will appear as an online business card in a block on the Google sidebar.

In addition to useful information about your business, photos will appear in this area too.

Google will select default images (website photos, photos uploaded from reviews, etc) and you can enrich these photos and choose the main cover photo.

If your listing is rich with information and easy to find, then your business will be more interesting to potential customers. 

As a sort of incentive, Google My Business allows you to have a virtual showcase of your products and services. 

If you regularly publish blog posts on your painting business blog, we encourage you to draw attention to new articles in your company listing. 

You can also use advertisement posts to promote special offers, new services, and events. The advertising post consists of a text with a photo. 

Using an integrated link, you can lead customers to your website, landing page or directly to your estimate booking page. 

7. Increase Traffic and Sales

If you’re like many local painting businesses, getting consistent traffic both to your website and physical business is a major challenge. 

While other efforts like social media marketing and consistent blogging have proven to help, adding Google My Business to the pack can go a long way in boosting your bottom line. 

Having your Google My Business listing show up in your local searches can increase traffic to your website by up to 70%. 

Ultimately, you will get more bookings if more potential buyers can see your offerings. 

The Bottom Line 

Google My Business listing, as you can tell from above, is an invaluable tool you can leverage to solidify your presence online, earn trust from your customers and ultimately make more sales. 

If your painting business is not on Google My Business already, make an effort to add it as soon as you can. 

The best part is that listing your business is free but you need to fill in all the relevant information and update it regularly to take full advantage of the platform.