Placing This Code On Your Website Will Boost Your Painting Business Rankings

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Placing This Code On Your Website Will Boost Your Painting Business Rankings

Placing This Code On Your Website Will Boost Your Painting Business Rankings

Over 10 million websites use Schema markup, a new form of SEO optimization that has started to take off in the last few months.

The way that schema markup works is you add the code to your website and then over time it feeds Google information about your site.

This information makes it easier for Google to understand your site and so it places higher in rankings.

Let’s look at how placing this code on your website will boost paintings business rankings.

Who Created Schema Markup?

Schema markup was created in a group effort between Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.
The idea of Schema markup was to “create, maintain, and promote schemas for structured data on the Internet, on web pages, in email messages, and beyond”

It’s a rich amount of information that’s condensed into a small amount of code that you put on your pages.

For example, you can include information about ratings for your business or important dates related to your business.

Even things related to your business’ location and payment options for your customers / business hours can go into the schema markup.

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How Important Is Schema Markup?

Think about how often people ask their Google and Alexa devices for help with a particular subject.

At least one in four people currently own such a smart speaker device, and that number is increasing.

Schema markup helps inform these smart speakers about your website and so help customers find you by asking related questions.

A person asking where they could get their kitchen cabinets painted in a certain city, for example, may be able to find your business.

What Impact Does Schema Markup Have On SEO?

The changes that you will see when you use Schema markup on your website are not limited to improved search results.

Schema markup will also improve things such as your impressions, the average position in the results, and the number of clicks you get on it.

All of these improve fairly well when you add Schema markup — and even your mobile click through rate will improve.

Considering how easy it is to add the markup to your site and what you get from it, it is well worth it.

Where Does Schema Markup Go?

Where you put your schema markup depends largely on how your website is created, so to speak.

If your website is hand coded or generated by an HTML program, you will have to edit the HTML to add it.

Certain web hosts now will allow you to go into the settings of your site and to add the Schema markup code.

WordPress has a specific plugin related to Schema that you can add so that you have the special markup added to your blog / site.

Here is a video tutorial to adding schema markup to your WordPress site:

How Do You Generate Schema Markup Code?

The easiest way to make Schema markup code for your site is to use the Google Structured Data Markup Helper, found here:

You choose the kind of web site you’re adding the markup to and then choose the information you want added.

With one click of a button the HTML that you will need to add to your site will be generated.

After generating the code and adding it to your site it’s worth taking the time to test it to make sure it’s valid.

Here you can use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to see how the listing will look — and you can see that here:

A full guide to adding Schema markup to your site can be seen here: