How to Use Memes to Market Your Painting Business

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How to Use Memes to Market Your Painting Business

Did you know 55% of social media users ages 20-35 send at least 1 meme a week?

and as many as 30% send them every single day!

Knowing how to make use of memes for your own marketing can boost organic engagement by as much as 60%.

Let’s look at how to use memes to market your painting business:

1. Include Memes In Your Social Media Posts

The first question that often gets brought up is where you’re going to be putting these memes that you will make and discover.

The place to use the memes, in addition to direct communication (email) and texting will be through social media posts.

These will be the kinds of posts where you could even be telling people about your services.

The difference between your other posts and these posts will be that you are going to add a meme to add humor.

Of course it’s not just humor — you’ll have a bit of relevant information in the memes you create for yourself.

In this meme, sometimes called the Distracted Boyfriend meme, the boyfriend is distracted by another woman.

The woman distracting him from replacing his kitchen cabinets is the often superior painting of the kitchen cabinets.

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2. Research Your Audience

Depending on where you do your business, the kind of customers you tend to have will be different.

Perhaps you have customers that are older and thus might not appreciate the same kind of memes that younger customers would like.

You could also research the kind of audience that you want to advertise to — for making sponsored posts.

By seeing what kind of memes that audience connects to, you’ll be able to create memes more relevant to them.

Here is a tutorial video on doing audience research for social media:

3. Research Memes Before Using Them

There are many memes out there, and believe it or not — some of them are actually offensive.

The problem is that sometimes some of the more offensive ones are more subtle in nature, not obviously offensive.

Examples of this might include memes that you don’t realize include language with double meaning.

These could appear to be perfectly innocent if you’re just glancing at them, but if you think about them you realize they’re actually not.

The best thing to do before you post any given meme is to look at it from every angle you can and make sure it won’t offend.

Better to be sure about it than to risk grossly offending a possible customer — and maybe worse, having them tarnish your brand by sharing it.

4. Take Memes And Add Your Brand

As a painting business, there are certain things that you do particularly well — and in marketing, you emphasize them.

Though of course you can post memes that are unrelated to your business and brand, it’s good to sometimes make them relevant.

What you want to do is to take the meme and add to it information that has something to do with what you do as a painter.

If your niche is in exterior painting, you can make a meme about houses looking bad if it’s been awhile since they were painted.

Here is a ‘change my mind’ meme that I made with — a classic meme made about painting.

Here you have the character at the table so sure that exterior painting can’t be done without primer that he put it in writing.

Of course you’re going to have some people commenting when you post memes like this — and that’s a good thing.

Getting comments on your social media posts, as you know, is a good chance for you to communicate with customers and future customers.

5. Don’t Meme Too Often

To posts memes is good and therefore to post more memes is… better?

Not necessarily — if you go overboard on posting memes, your customers and followers are bound to get tired of them.

The problem with that is that when people get annoyed by anything you post, you are likely to lose them as followers.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, don’t overdo it with memes and post memes — but not all the time.

Better to mix it up and have a few different kinds of things that you post so that people don’t come to associate you with only one.

6. Know What’s Trending

In the world of posting memes online, as with many other online trends, what is hot and current today may be old news in a few weeks.

In addition to the advice from earlier about checking to make sure that it’s not offensive, it might be good to see how trending your meme is.

You can find out what memes are newest and most popular on sites like allyourmeme, which has lists of what’s trending.

Here is a tutorial on how memes have changed over the last few years:

7. It’s Okay To Just Be Funny

Lastly, you should know that sometimes it’s okay to just be funny with your meme posting.

That means that it’s perfectly okay to post memes that have nothing to do with your business but you just want to get a laugh.

Here, for example, is a perfectly good meme that will be most useful for you to post on a Wednesday.

You’re sending the message “Happy Wednesday” but you’re using the image of the character of Wednesday Addams, as portrayed by Christina Ricci.

Of course it’s a lot funnier if you have seen the film with the character in it, but that is why it’s good to research your audience.

Knowing that they are likely to know the movie means that it would be either good or less good to use this meme to get a good reaction from your followers.

Even though it has nothing to do with painting, just getting likes and some shares from your social media followers will be good for your business.

Quick Recap

1. To help you incorporate memes into your marketing, include memes in your social media posts

2. You want to make sure that your memes will connect with your audience — research your audience to see what they like and dislike

3. To ensure that you don’t post something possibly offensive, research memes before using them

4. Since you want to show off your own originality, take memes and add your brand to them

5. To avoid burning out your audience, don’t meme too often — there is too much of a good thing when it comes to memes

6. You can get a lot better response if you know what’s trending in the world of memes and use ones that are more popular

7. Lastly, remember that not all of your meme posts have to be about your painting business — you can still keep your audience engaged knowing that it’s okay to just be funny