Painting Contractors: 5 Ways to Make the Facebook Algorithm Work for You in 2021

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Painting Contractors: 5 Ways to Make the Facebook Algorithm Work for You in 2021

Out of the 2.8 billion Facebook users – 73% of them get on Facebook everyday.

The thing about Facebook is that their algorithm is constantly changing…

It can be time consuming to learn & implement Facebook’s ever changing algorithm through trial and error… let me give you a hand!

Here are 5 ways to make the Facebook algorithm work for you in 2021:

1. Always, Always, ALWAYS, Reply To Comments

By far one of the simplest ways that you can make the Facebook algorithm work for you is when you receive a comment.

Though you might see comments as a nice way to know that people see your posts, they’re also a chance for you to get more people to see them.

The best thing that you can possibly do is to make sure to respond to every comment, even if it’s just to say thanks.

By doing this, you’re letting Facebook know that comments are important to you, and so your posts will be shown to more people.

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2. The “Love” Reaction is More Powerful Than “Like”

For most of Facebook history, when you wanted to show someone a reaction to their Facebook post you had one choice — the like.

The iconic thumbs up was the only choice for years, until 2015 when it was joined by other reactions.

These reactions were the love reaction (a heart), sad (a sad face), angry (an angry face), laughter (a laughing face) and wow (a face that looks as though it’s saying the word wow.)

One might think that Facebook treats any reaction the same — someone reacted, and that’s good, right?

In fact, Facebook much prefers seeing people have a love reaction to your post — makes sense if you think about it.

When people give you a love reaction, they are telling Facebook that they more than like your content.

Every time you get a love reaction to one of your posts, it helps to show your posts to more people.

One way that people have taken advantage of this is by posting simple opinion polls with a twist.

The twist is instead of asking people to choose A, B, or C, or 1, 2, or 3, you tell people to react a certain way to vote.

A person could write, “Do you have a favorite hot drink — like for tea, heart for coffee, and laugh for something else!”

Making posts like this will get you more love reactions and in turn a wider audience.

3. Post When Your Audience Is Reading

You have to adapt to posting on Facebook based on the hours that the people you want reading it.

This means that if people who follow you are most active from 9-5, that is also when you should be posting.

Of course you might wonder how you are going to be posting when you are likely to also be working during this time period.

The simple answer to this is that you will have to schedule your posts during the time that your followers are most active.

Here is a video tutorial on finding out when your Facebook Page followers are most active so you know to post then:


4. Use Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories are a way to share images and text with your followers in a simple way that is a bit more mobile friendly than normal Facebook posts.

Something people do not realize about Stories is that the standard Facebook algorithm does not apply the same way.

Facebook Stories are put above the other Facebook posts on the timeline, so it’s a great opportunity for you.

Even though Facebook Stories appear more briefly and only for a day after they are posted, if you time them right you can get a lot of response from your followers.

5. Become A Favorite!

Facebook has made it easy for you to follow pages that you particularly like — up to thirty of them.

When your Facebook followers make your Facebook page one of their favorites, they will always see your posts.

Of course, not everyone knows about this feature of Facebook, and your followers may be among them.

It might help your Facebook followers if you post a guide on how to make your page one of their favorites, and occasionally ask them to do so.

Quick Recap:

1. To make sure your posts get seen more often, always reply to comments

2. Not all reactions your audience gives are weighed the same – the “love” reaction is more powerful than the regular “like” reaction, so encourage love reactions any way you can

3. Since your audience is going to be more likely to see your posts when you do so, post when your audience is online and reading!

4. Use Facebook Stories to get around the Facebook algorithm since stories are pushed to the top and are seen more

5. Get your followers to favorite your page and so be consistently seen by them