Blog Posts: 5 Reasons Why You MUST Have Them on Your Website

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Blog Posts: 5 Reasons Why You MUST Have Them on Your Website

If you own a business with some presence online, you might be wondering…

“Is setting up a blog and posting blog posts regularly really worth my time?”

This is a popular question asked by business owners who don’t have the skill or time to create high-quality content on a regular basis. So… is it really worth it?

The answer to that is a resounding, “YES!”

As a virtual assistant and digital marketer who has helped businesses build a strong online presence through content marketing and search engine optimization, I’ve seen the firsthand impact that blog posts create in terms of online visibility, leads and sales/conversions.

As you may have already heard, content is king, which is why I always strongly recommend investing in a content publication strategy, and that strategy begins with a business blog and writing blog posts regularly.

If you’re interested in writing blog posts for your website check out my blog post about The Top 5 On-Page SEO Elements You MUST Optimize in WordPress.

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If you’re still not convinced that blog posts are a vital component of your website, here are 5 reasons blog posts are a must for your website:

1. Blogs Boost Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the bottom-line of any only content publication and marketing strategy.

This is because search engines love relevant, high-quality, and fresh content; and there is no other way of providing frequent content than with blog posts.

Regular blogging gives Google and other search engines fresh content to index and allows you to leverage important keywords and increase your visibility on search engine results pages (SERPS).

The goal is to have as many pages from your website ranking high in search engines for the relevant keywords.

Do this right and you will be literally getting free traffic for as long as your pages stay up there!

2. Blog Posts Establish Your Business as an Industry Leader

Whether you’re are a startup or an establishing small business, you can easily build clout and trust within your industry by simply providing valuable expert information through your blog posts.

People love to associate themselves with thought leaders, and these include your potential customers.

If you position yourself as an authoritative resource in your industry through informative content, you will ultimately notice a significant increase in customer conversations.

This is particularly important for small businesses that are looking to curve their niche and compete with larger, established companies.

3. Blog Posts Help Create Relationships/Trust with Customers

Regular blogging allows you to connect with both your potential and existing customers.

You can accomplish this by allowing feedback and comments or asking questions to your readers at the end of your posts to keep the conversation going.

You can create a strong relationship with your audience by simply reviewing and responding to their comments.

Additionally, you get to gain trust and uncover valuable information into what your customers are looking for.

Showing a little bit of the personal side of your brand that can’t be seen through outbound marketing techniques is vital, and can also be achieved through regular blogging.

4. Blog Posts Provide Opportunities for Sharing

Every time you put up a blog post, you’re creating opportunities for your site visitors to share your blog with others.

This could mean linking to your blog post, sharing on social media or emailing to others. Whichever the case, this is free marketing and also serves to further validate you as a credible business.

In addition, you get to share your own blog posts on your social media business pages to keep your followers engaged, and to bring in those leads.

5. Blog Posts Help Generate Backlinks

Backlinks are essentially inbound links from other sources linking to your website.

This is an important pillar that every website should have.

However, without a blog and regular blog posting, it can be extremely difficult to gain authoritative backlinks to your business website.

When you add resourcefully posts on your blog, you start to naturally accumulate backlinks as other bloggers, contributors, journalists, and like-minded industry players cite and reference your content in their own articles.

These links boost your search engine visibility and also generates free traffic to your website.

As you can see, blog posts are the cornerstone of web presence for any business or brand.

With minimal effort and expense, you can build trust and credibility, boost search engine rankings, gain more traffic to your business and strengthen your relationship with your audience.

Joe Solis - January 18, 2019

I have no blogs and don’t know how to start. I would like to know more of your service.
Thanks, Nadia

    Nadia Burnett - February 7, 2019

    Hi Joe,
    I’m extremely sorry as I’m just now seeing this, I’ll email you some info!

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