Painting Contractors: Here’s My 101 Blog Post Ideas

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Painting Contractors: Here’s My 101 Blog Post Ideas

Creating a blog post that people really want to read while keeping up with SEO trends is a challenge that most painting contractors face day in and day out.

The algorithms evolve and the consumers and industry change.

Without a little help, it can be quite difficult to keep your online audience engaged…

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Here’s my list of 101 Blog Post Ideas for Painting Contractors for You to Use Anytime!

I compiled this list a while ago to help our team during brainstorm sessions.

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I’ve tailored this edition to the painting industry, but you’ll find most of it applicable to almost any business.

Let’s get started, shall we?

  1.    Post Before-and-After photos of a recently completed painting projects
  2.    Share some in-depth DIY Painting Tips
  3.    Post general home improvement tips
  4.    Share insightful home decorating tips
  5.    Case studies of the hardest painting projects you’ve pulled off.
  6.    Painting product reviews of paints, primers, brushes, painter’s ladders, etc.
  7.    Customer reviews of your painting services
  8.    Color tips and advice for the interior, exterior, etc.
  9.    What have you learned, being a painter?
  10. Make and share a video of you and your crew painting.
  11. Share any recent press/media mentions
  12. “How to” tutorials on various painting processes
  13. Share tips for creating accent walls
  14. How do you put together an estimate?
  15. Transcribe a video and turn it into a blog post
  16. Share your unique surface prep techniques
  17. Cost saving tips during painting
  18. Painting mistakes you made and how you learned from them
  19. How to choose from painting contractors in your local area
  20. Trending colors in your local area of service
  21. Create a slideshow of your recent 10 completed painting projects
  22. Explain the importance of repainting
  23. How often should you repaint your home and why?
  24. Ask for guest posts from renowned painting bloggers in your area.
  25. Compare old vs. new painting techniques
  26. Talk about the recent training your crew attended –with pictures.
  27. Make a list of the software/technology you can’t live without.
  28. Create an eBook and give it away for free
  29. Write about how to maintain a paint job
  30. Tips on how to increase curb appeal
  31. Share expert opinions from industry leaders
  32. Kitchen painting and renovation ideas
  33. Compare staining vs painting
  34. Make a post on what to look for when hiring painting contractors
  35. 10 reasons to hire your painting services
  36. How often should one repaint their home?
  37. Share your Paint-it-Forward experience
  38. Compare DIY vs. Professional painting
  39. Give industry insights
  40. Company news on the latest developments
  41. Create a fact-filled infographic
  42. Talk about any charity work you’ve completed
  43. Tell a little story about your origins –how it all started
  44. A day in the life of painting contractors
  45. Answer a set of the most frequently asked questions you receive
  46. Provide a free template, tip sheet, checklist etc. useful to your readers
  47. Write a “what not to do” or biggest painting mistakes post.
  48. Share a personal story to inspire your readers.
  49. Write a recap of an event you attended.
  50. Go off-topic and share something in interior décor, remodeling, etc.
  51. Post a list of the most useful online resources
  52. Highlight customer stories to humanize your brand
  53. Make a pros and cons list for painting
  54. Answer a common problem your customers run into
  55. Create a post about myths in the painting industry
  56. Write cost articles for painting different areas
  57. Post “Benefits” articles
  58. Problems vs. solutions articles
  59. Painting ideas and ideas
  60. Describe how your painting service has evolved over time
  61. What makes you different from your competitors?
  62. Share a video as behind the scenes of your painting business.
  63. Talk about the painting industry trends.
  64. Describe your booking and estimate process
  65. Research something specific and then publish the results
  66. Publish and discuss results from industry experts/researchers
  67. Find inspirational quotes and make a post with a list of quotes.
  68. How customers should prepare their homes before a paint job
  69. Writer about interior décor in relation to paint colors
  70. Review your favorite paint color app
  71. Write about Angies list for SEO
  72. Publish promotion posts.
  73. Make contests and give free giveaway.
  74. Tips to improve the value of your home with paint
  75. Others Compete on Price. We Compete on Value (show how)
  76. How to paint –(pick a difficult spot or area to paint)
  77. Why we don’t worry about competitors
  78. We Asked Everyone in the Office for…
  79. Does ____ Matter to You?
  80. What we do when we’re not hard at Work
  81. When should you repaint your… (Kitchen cabinets, interior, stucco etc.)
  82. Does Anyone Really Use … Anymore?
  83. How to get the most from our painting services
  84. (X) Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started
  85. When not to “DIY”
  86. Highlight your Office, employees, etc.
  87. List of facts, fun things, useful tips, etc. (like this one)
  88. Blog series in a tutorial format
  89. How to correctly scrape snow off your deck without scratching the stain
  90. Community spotlight – talk with the owner of a business you appreciate and publish the interview.
  91. Hacks –have you figured out how to reduce painting hours?
  92. What helpful books have you read recently?
  93. Explain terms in the painting industry
  94. Share your predictions about the future of painting trends
  95. Repurpose your old blog posts into something new
  96. Review a local media publication about the painting industry
  97. Compile a “best of” list
  98.  Express your own personal view an a highly debatable issue
  99. Describe your goals, milestones, and ambitions as a painting business
  100. Share some insightful, interesting or surprising statistics about the painting industry
  101. Talk about your licensing, insurance, awards and memberships


Well, there you have it. I hope it helps you keep up with your content creation needs and in keeping your readers engaged.

If you need any further help with blog posts, DYB Virtual can help!

We specialize in providing Virtual Assistance and blog post services to painting contractors.

Let us focus on your content, so you can focus on more important things!

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