Painting Contractors: Grow SEO Traffic Using The Free Tool Ubersuggest

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Painting Contractors: Grow SEO Traffic Using the Free Tool Ubersuggest

When someone searches Google for “professional painting contractor near me”, are they finding you?

One major factor which allows users to find you is certain keywords that are optimized for search engines.

Thanks to the marketing genius, Neil Patel, the best tool for finding the best keywords for your site is free — Ubersuggest.

Here’s How To Grow Your SEO Traffic Using the Free Tool Ubersuggest

Keyword Overview

Keyword Overview is a tool within Ubersuggest that gives you useful information on any keyword you input.

This information includes the volume (how many people search for the keyword over the course of a year), the cost per click, and more.

For the purposes of ranking, you can use the SEO difficulty score to see how hard it would be to get the keyword in the top ten search results.

It even tells you how many people search for the term on their mobile devices versus how many search for it using desktop devices.

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The Content Ideas Report

If you are looking to make your blog or website better overall, you should look at the Content Ideas Report.

The Content Ideas Report takes the keyword that you input and it will give you a number of popular blog posts that are related to that keyword.

You can then drill down on those blog posts and see the keywords for which that particular blog post is popular.

You can get some ideas for other keywords you can use in working on your blog as well as your website.

The best thing you can do if you are looking to improve your blog is to look at what other blogs do with certain keywords and when you write your own blog posts, improve on them.

The Traffic Analyzer

The Traffic Analyzer allows you to put in any domain and quickly find out the kind of traffic that the site gets from Google over a period of time.

It also gives you a trend line of the growth of traffic over the previous year.

Traffic Analyzer will also tell you the top pages on that site — and if that site happens to be yours, you can learn a couple of things from this.

If you see pages that are particularly low in traffic, you know that you should either remove the page or improve it.

When you see pages that are higher in traffic, you can see what keywords lead to it and use that information to blog more using those keywords.

Here is the domain overview for Brush and Color Eco Painting, a painting company based in Austin, Texas.

Site Audit Report

The Site Audit Report will analyze any site you input and tell you the issues that are found on the site and how to fix them.

For example, using the Word Count tool, an issue that will be easy enough to find and fix is low word count.

You can use that tool to determine which pages need to be either eliminated or improved through further writing.

Here is the Site Audit Report for Brush and Color Eco Painting — looking pretty good!

Dashboard For Projects

The last and possibly most important thing on Ubersuggest is the Dashboard, where you will be able to create Projects to help your SEO.

Using this, you can input your domain and track how it does over a period of time and allow it to send you reports.

It will also do a weekly analysis of the problems on your site as mentioned above and how to fix them.

Quick Recap:

1. Learn which keywords you should be using on your site/blog using the Keyword Overview tool.

2. Look at other popular blogs with the Content Ideas Report and use it for inspiration when writing your blog posts.

3. Use the Traffic Analyzer to determine which of your pages are doing well and which ones need to be improved.

4. Find out what pages on your site/blog need to be fixed or have problems using the Site Audit Report.

5. Get help over time with traffic and SEO issues using the Dashboard Project tool.